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  1. the future
    The First GMO Apple Will Hit Grocery Stores This FebruaryIn a handful of midwestern grocery stores.
  2. gmos
    FDA Concludes New GMO Pink Pineapples at Least Won’t Kill YouDel Monte got the all-clear to sell its mutant fruit.
  3. gmos
    New Report Suggests GMOs Have Had Zero Effect on Lowering Pesticide UseOr, for that matter, increased crop yields.
  4. food labels
    President Obama Signs America’s First GMO-Labeling Bill Into LawIt abolishes Vermont’s rules with a federal set allowing food companies to use QR codes.
  5. gmos
    Scientists Engineered a Tomato That Doesn’t Get MushyOne upside to genetically modified fruit.
  6. food labels
    Congress Passes the Nation’s First GMO-Labeling RequirementObama is expected to sign the bill, overriding Vermont’s state law.
  7. Senate Passes America’s First GMO-Labeling BillIt now moves to the House, despite having critics on both sides of the aisle.
  8. Mergers
    German Drug Company Offers $62 Billion for Monsanto to MergeThis would create the world’s largest agricultural supplier.
  9. Studies
    Top Scientific Panel Says GMOs Aren’t RiskyThey’re not harmful, but they’re also not yielding more crops.
  10. Health
    The World Actually Grew Fewer GMOs Last YearData shows the number of acres dropped one percent in 2015.
  11. Food Fight
    Senate Blocks Anti-GMO-Labeling BillThe lawmakers rejected the so-called “DARK Act.”
  12. GMOs
    Un-Bruisable GMO Potatoes Are One Small Step Away From the MarketThe FDA has given its stamp of approval.
  13. Health
    Campbell’s Will Be the First Food Company to Label GMOsIt could reportedly result in cosmetic changes to 75 percent of products.
  14. Not Likely
    Russia Wants to Be the Biggest Producer of Organic FoodPutin has unveiled his five-year plan.
  15. GM-Nos
    Even More Retailers Are Refusing to Sell Genetically Modified SalmonCostco and Red Lobster are the latest ones to pass.
  16. The Future
    The FDA Just Approved Genetically Modified Salmon for Human ConsumptionThe biotech company behind the fish says it could be on the market in two years.
  17. Studies
    Science Can Now Make Pretty Much Any Fruit BiggerGeneticists say that they can rewire the genetic sequences of plants.
  18. Video Feed
    Neil deGrasse Tyson Has a Message for GMO-Haters“If you’re the complainer type, go back and eat the apples that grow wild.”
  19. Cereal Killer
    Grape-Nuts Goes Non-GMO Verified, Loses Basic NutrientsSay good-bye to your morning riboflavin.
  20. Complete Breakfast
    General Mills Announces Original Cheerios Have Gone GMO-Free“It was never about pressure.”
  21. Soy Annoying
    Chipotle Introducing Tofu BurritosThe new “Sofritas” filling is available on the West Cost.
  22. Labels
    New ‘GMO-Free’ Label Approved by Agriculture DepartmentDid your chicken ever eat transgenic alfalfa sprouts? Now you’ll know.
  23. Frankenfoods
    California to Vote on Whether GMOs Need Their Own LabelNearly one million signatures were collected for a ballot measure that supports labeling.
  24. Health Concerns
    Move Over Pink Slime: Now Granola’s Toxic, TooFirst of all it’s not even “natural,” and second, it’s totally loaded with pesticides.
  25. Mediavore
    Nudie Bar Patron Shot In the Neck; Conscientious Panda Express Tests Recipes ItPlus: Recreating long-lost family recipes requires detective work and discerning palate; and Panera is planning more pay-optional locations, all in our morning news roundup.
  26. Mediavore
    Sly Stone Living on Food Donations; Chains Turn Their Backs on BoozeDespite potential profits, a Cabernet just doesn’t pair well with a value meal.