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Gjelina Take Away

  1. Beef
    Gjelina Faces Public Resistance from VenetiansOne local claims, “My neighborhood has been ruined by this restaurant.”
  2. Celebrity Settings
    Justin Bieber Pulled Over En Route to Spago; Charlie Sheen Ceases Winning-StreakWhile the pop sensation narrowly avoids a ticket, while the hard-partying actor is accused of prematurely decomposing.
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Tim Robbins Hits Gjelina Takeaway; Ludacris Drinks at Delphine as Spike Lee SitsIcing on the cake? Forest Whitaker was also eating there at the same time.
  4. Video Feed
    Watch Gjelina Chef Travis Lett Talk Kitchen PhilosophyToo bad the often elusive chef is so terribly out-of-focus.
  5. Health Concerns
    Gjelina Makes The GradeFollowing its recent downgrade by the health department, Venice’s trendiest restaurant is again sporting an ‘A.’
  6. Funnies
    When Hiring, Gjelina Seeks ‘New York Attitude’That explains a lot about the restaurant’s customer service.
  7. Backpedals
    Gjelina Take Away Already Acting Kinder Than The OriginalThe restaurant’s little sister is now accepting omissions, though substitutions are still verboten.
  8. Openings
    Gjelina Take Away Opens on Abbot Kinney…SortaThe restaurant is offering some samples on the low-down, and teases of an opening next week.