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Gioia Pizzeria

  1. Lists
    Josh Sens Sings the Praises of Gioia Pizzeria, Izakaya Yuzuki, FuseBox, and MoreHe does a big round up of “where to eat now.”
  2. The Other Critics
    Hochman Raves About West of Pecos; Miller Rounds Up New Pizzas; Hirsch Rounds UpMiller calls Del Popolo’s pies ‘exceptional.’
  3. The Other Critics
    Michael Bauer and Patricia Unterman Both Review Gioia PizzeriaBauer is more positive, and loves the pizza, but Patty points out that the crust isn’t as often as the “new crop of Neapolitan wonders” around town.
  4. Openings
    Gioia Pizzeria Opens Their First S.F. Location WednesdayBerkeley’s favorite pizzeria expands west.
  5. Neighborhood Watch
    Gioia Pizzeria Getting Close on Polk Street; Honor Bar Gets a New Review; andAlso, San Jose has caught on to the underground foie gras thing.
  6. Mediavore
    How to Organize a Bakesale for Haiti; Food Inc. Gets Best Documentary