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  1. the chain gang
    Panera’s Valentine’s Day Promotion Is a Spectacular DisasterNothing says romance like bread bowls and broccoli soup.
  2. grocery wars
    Amazon Is Now Selling Discounted Gadgets in Whole Foods’ Parking LotsKeep an eye out for Treasure Trucks!
  3. the chain gang
    KFC Has Engineered ‘Low Smell’ Chicken in JapanIts ostensible purpose is not annoying fellow commuters on the train ride home.
  4. the chain gang
    KFC’s New Beauty Product Is a Bath Bomb That Smells Like Fried ChickenYour whole palm or arm will be lickable after this relaxing bath.
  5. gimmicks
    Get Ready for ‘Organic’ DoritosIncidentally, they fulfill all the criteria for items sold by Whole Foods.
  6. the chain gang
    Starbucks Unveils Camo Cup Sleeves to Prove How Much It Supports VeteransThe side reads, “10,000 veterans and military spouses hired. And counting.”
  7. the chain gang
    Taco Bell Decides America Is Ready for Fried-Egg Taco ShellsNaked Egg Tacos arrive on August 31.
  8. the chain gang
    Taco Bell Is Testing a Burrito That Includes Spicy Pop Rocks“I was very confused by the whole thing but it was only $1.49.”
  9. dangerously cheesy
    Get Ready for the All-Cheetos RestaurantIt’s called the Spotted Cheetah.
  10. the chain gang
    Taco Bell Is Now Marrying Couples in Vegas for $600That price includes a Cinnabon Delights cake and a bouquet made from hot-sauce packets.
  11. the chain gang
    KFC Is Sending a Chicken Sandwich Into SpaceIt will be up there for “at least four days.”
  12. gimmicks
    Someone Has Invented Clear Coffee That Won’t Stain TeethBut is it actually any good?
  13. the chain gang
    Taco Bell Refused to Let Starbucks Win This Week’s Most-Gimmicky-Food AwardStarbucks released a pie-crust lid, and then Taco Bell unleashed a fried-egg taco shell.
  14. gimmicks
    Coca-Cola Put Warren Buffett’s Face on Chinese Coke CansThe company went with its “best-known fan” to launch Cherry Coke in China.
  15. the chain gang
    Starbucks Will Now Teach Americans How to Have Civil DiscourseThe chain’s newest campaign makes liberals and conservatives “work together” to unlock a gift card.
  16. gimmicks
    Cheetos Made an Easter Clothing Line That Helps You Avoid Cheetos FingersThere are ascots for hands-free snacking and pants with “lapkins.”
  17. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Paid Aerospace Engineers to Invent the Straw of the FutureYou can finally get the perfect sip of Chocolate Shamrock Shake.
  18. Here’s Where to Get Free Valentine’s Day Food, If You’re That DesperateHooter’s will give you a coupon if you shred a photo of your ex.
  19. gimmicks
    Domino’s Now Has a Wedding RegistryIt give couples “the chance to register for something they both truly love as much as their partner.”
  20. gimmicks
    Japan Releases Burger With a Bacon ‘Tongue’ Hanging OutIt also includes purple cheese sauce and a coffin-shaped box.
  21. gimmicks
    Donald Trump’s New Hotel Serves Wine by the SpoonfulGuests can pay $140 for an ounce of “the truest expression of terroir known to man.”
  22. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Giving Away Gold Fries in JapanTo win, all you have to do is take photos with a special McFry filter.
  23. Miraculous Conceptions
    Pizza Inside a Delivery Box Made of Pizza Changes EverythingThank you, Vinnie’s Pizzeria.
  24. The Chain Gang
    Someone Paid $96,000 for a Bottle of McDonald’s Special SauceThe only bottle available to the public in the U.K., or something.
  25. Gimmicks
    Here’s How Something Called Death Wish Coffee Got Its Own Super Bowl AdCaffeinated fans helped it win a public vote.
  26. The Chain Gang
    Taco Bell Wants People to Blindly Order Its New Mystery CreationSpoiler: As people have said for months, it’s probably a cheese-stuffed taco.
  27. The Chain Gang
    All 2016 DQ Blizzards Will Be Upside-DownThis gimmick will probably backfire.
  28. The Chain Gang
    Crystal-Encrusted Starbucks Card Costs $200, Gets You $50 Worth of CoffeeNot a great deal, unless you love Swarovski.
  29. Gimmicks
    Finally: Someone Has Made Cocktail Bitters Out of Human TearsJust when you thought drinking alone couldn’t get any sadder.
  30. Innovations
    College Hockey Team Prepares to Blow Fans’ Minds With a Frickin’“Someone will take a taco to the face.”
  31. Gimmicks
    Demolish This 30-Pound Burrito in One Hour, and You’ll Become Part Owner of the“Some restaurants will put your name on the wall. We’ll just give you the wall.”
  32. The Chain Gang
    7-Eleven Is Releasing a Coffee Just for New YorkersIt theoretically “caters specifically to the bold, rich desires of New Yorkers.”
  33. Gimmicks
    This Man’s Giving Away His Restaurant to Whoever Writes the Best EssayHe wants it double-spaced with three paragraphs.
  34. Gimmicks
    Japan Gets Burgers That Use Tomatoes Instead of BunsIt’s like a way, way healthier take on a Double Down.
  35. The Chain Gang
    KFC’s Disposable Keyboard Trays Are Its Weirdest Gimmick YetThey enable mess-free eating and texting.
  36. Gimmicks
    Kit Kat Is Turning Its Candy Into Ads for YouTubeIt’s part of a very confusing promotion.
  37. Junk Food
    The Spam Food Truck Might Just Be the Final Nail in the Coffin for theGet ready for “Kimchi Spam Musubi Croissants.”
  38. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s ‘Special Sauce’ Now for Sale in CommemorativeIt could be yours for no less than $18,000. (Also, you’ll probably have to live in Australia.)
  39. Hey Good-Looking
    This Restaurant Is Awarding Free Food to the Prettiest People Who Eat TherePosing for a glamour-shot face scan is mandatory.
  40. Winning
    Dinner at the French Laundry Is Now a Lottery PrizeWith a “special personal gift” from Thomas Keller.
  41. The Chain Gang
    Taco Bell Takes Its Breakfast Tacos NationalThey warned us they were going to do this.
  42. Cheese Pockets
    Pizza Hut Needs Millennials to Eat Its Three-Cheese Stuffed-Crust Pizza“We are re-inventing the stuffed-crust experience.”
  43. The Chain Gang
    Canada One-ups Burger King Fry Burger, Introduces Poutine BurgerAt least one food blogger is a fan.
  44. The Chain Gang
    Burger King’s Sad New ‘French Fry Burger’ Only Costs $1It makes us cry, and there aren’t even any onions on it.
  45. The Chain Gang
    Taco Bell Rolls Out Fried Breakfast Waffle ‘Taco’The fast-food chain wants your early-morning business.
  46. Gimmicks
    Yes, Pizza Hut Does Have Its Own PerfumeIt smells.
  47. Deliberate Mondegreens
    Vaguely Vulgar Restaurant Name Has Chattanooga in a TizzyBad press and good grilling.
  48. The Chain Gang
    At Taco Bell, ‘Mixology’ Means a Horrific Breakfast BeveragePairs well with that Doritos taco.
  49. Gimmicks
    Are Pancakes the Great Equalizer?Mitt Romney’s wife enters the political fray, with a spatula.
  50. Video Feed
    Oprah Rebuilds Her Entire Set Out of ChocolateEverything except Winfrey herself is edible.
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