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Get Jiro

  1. Insane in the Bourdain
    Anthony Bourdain Plans Get Jiro Follow-up, PromisesHe’s got TV, film, books, and food halls covered for a while.
  2. Bookshelf
    Anthony Bourdain’s Get Jiro! Slices Up Best Seller ListBut the book might originally have been a little more like ‘American Splendor.’
  3. Bookshelf
    Bourdain: Food Culture Is the New Film CultureCrappy movies mean better food. We can live with that!
  4. Empire Building
    Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Ultraviolent Food Nerd’ Graphic Novel’Get Gyro’ will be like “‘Fistful of Dollars’ meets ‘Eat Drink Man Woman’,” plus a couple more films.