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  1. wake up and smell the coffee
    Study Says Starbucks’s Doors Are the Second-Filthiest Surface in New York CityA test found that they’re 25 times germier than the entrance to Grand Central.
  2. Germs
    More Than 100 Food Safety Summit Participants Came Down With Food PoisoningIt’s a microbial whodunnit.
  3. Germs
    Turns Out the Five-Second Rule Is Really a ThingPick up your food, dust it off, then give yourself a nasty bout of enterococcus?
  4. Blechtacular
    What a Bust! Hooters Waitress Claims Breastaurant Gave Her TBEw.
  5. Wimpy Kids
    Are We Raising a Generation of Food Wimps?These are totally the kids who are going to demand dressing on the side in 20 years.