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Georges Perrier

  1. Chef Shuffle
    Perrier Cashes Out of Mia, TooLooks like he’s really going to hang up his apron for good.
  2. Chef Shuffle
    Mica Residency Brings Perrier Out of ‘Retirement’From May 7 through 11, the legendary Le Bec Fin founder will preside over the kitchen at Chip Roman’s Chestnut Hill restaurant.
  3. Chef Shuffle
    Perrier Bids Adieu to Georges’; Enters RetirementHe’s exited the fold at his Main Line restaurants, and by all accounts, headed for retirement.
  4. Crust Never Sleeps
    Perrier Bows Out of Art of BreadAmin Bitar is stepping in to run the bakery, and expand its wholesale operations.
  5. Menu Changes
    Le Bec Fin to Add an a la Carte MenuIs this a case of history repeating itself? We hope not.
  6. Name Game
    Perrier Further Distances Himself From Le Bec FinPerreir has asked Le Bec’s owners to remove his name from its downstairs bar.
  7. Crime Scenes
    Staph Meal Blogger to Stand Trial For Facebook Death ThreatsHe remains in custody with bail set at $300,000.
  8. Foodievents
    Georges Perrier Gets His Mojo Back; Cooking at HeirloomThe Le Bec Fin founder will man the pots and pans at the Chestnut Hill restaurant.
  9. Menu Changes
    Le Bec Fin Rolling Back the PricesThe price change suggests new owner Nicolas Fanucci is learning from his predecessor’s mistakes.
  10. Closings
    West Chester’s Gilmore’s Ends Its 11-Year RunThe restaurant closed and there are no plans to revive.
  11. Prix Fixes
    Chip Roman’s Crab Tasting at Mica Pays Homage to Georges PerrierThe galette de crab was considered one of Perrier’s signature dishes at Le Bec-Fin.
  12. Accolades
    Under New Ownership the Myth of Le Bec-Fin’s Michelin Star Rating Lives OnThe curious case of the dining institution’s supposed Michelin rating continues.
  13. Interviews
    The Reboot Part Deux: Chef Walter Abrams Talks Le Bec-FinThe former French Laundry chef tells Grub Street about what to expect from a newly relaunched Le Bec-Fin.
  14. Interviews
    Nicolas Fanucci Talks About Rebooting Le Bec-FinIn the second chapter of Philly’s most famed restaurant, former French Laundry general manager Nicolas Fanucci will bring back some of the Le Bec-Fin glory.
  15. Coming Soon
    Le Bec-Fin to Relaunch in JuneWhen it reopens, the once great restaurant will be helmed by French Laundry alumni.
  16. Quote of the Day
    All’s Fair In Love and Restaurant WarsChefs say the funniest things.
  17. Closings
    Le Bec-Fin Vets Weigh In On Its ClosingFor any restaurant that matters in this town, there’s at least one former Le Bec-Fin cook in the kitchen.
  18. Closings
    And Then There Was That Time the Grateful Dead Copped ‘Party Favors’Georges Perrier and Jerry Garcia? Strange, but true.
  19. Closings
    Say Au Revoir to Le Bec-FinIt’s truly the abrupt ending of an era.
  20. Oh By Georges
    Say Au Revoir to Georges Perrier at Le Bec-FinSupposedly the deal’s been in the works for months.
  21. Interviews
    Kevin Sbraga Talks Top Chef, Life Changing Experiences, andThe Top Chef winner’s restaurant debuts Saturday.
  22. The Other Blogs
    Joshua Scott Albert Admits Being StaphMeal; Name Drops ‘MarcieThe StaphMeal blogger outs himself.
  23. Lawsuits
    Georges Perrier to StaphMeal: See You In Court, Whoever You Are!The attorney is seeking the identity of the mysterious blogger to hold them accountable for what they have published.
  24. Openings
    Perrier Gets Ready to Unleash His Sexiness Next WeekLe Bec-Fin’s subterranean space was renovated and will debut next week as Tryst.
  25. Openings
    Details Emerge on CookClasses start on September 6 with Georges Perrier, but that’s already sold out.
  26. Openings
    Vetri and Chez Panisse Alum Joey Baldino Gets Zeppoli Ready For an AugustThe new restaurant, Zeppoli, will open later this month.
  27. Menus
    Will Le Bec-Fin Stiff Top Chef’s Kevin Sbraga Too?The Top Chef champ will cook at Le Bec-Fin in August.
  28. Beef
    No Checks For Employees Calls Into Question the Stability of Le Bec-FinIs the fine dining flagship too big to fail?
  29. Foodievents
    Where to Eat and Drink While Celebrating Bastille DayThough the city’s biggest Bastille Day celebration doesn’t take place until the weekend, Francophiles are celebrating today.
  30. Coming Soon
    Top Chef Kevin Sbraga Spells Out Some Details on His ForthcomingThe Top Chef champ hopes his restaurant will have an impact on Philadelphia.
  31. Foodies With Benefits
    Georges Perrier Lays Some Heavy Bread on West Catholic’s Culinary ProgramThe Le Bec-Fin owner gave the kids some cues on cooking and dug deep to help keep their culinary program afloat.
  32. Openings
    Perrier’s Art of Bread OpensThe new cafe and bakery features bread and pastries baked by Le Bec-Fin Executive Pastry Chef Cedric Barberet.
  33. Temporary Closings
    Perrier Is Going to Sex You Up, Le Bar LyonnaisSex sells and Perrier is cashing in.
  34. Coming Soon
    Details Emerge on Perrier’s Art of BreadThe new bakery is expected to open in coming weeks.
  35. Crime Scenes
    Suburban Restaurants Experience a Crime WaveSeriously, who leaves cash and valuables out in plain sight in their cars?
  36. Slideshow
    Take a Peek at What Was Served at the ‘France Invades Italy’Amis and Le Bec-Fin teamed up for a spread inspired by a French country picnic.
  37. Foodievents
    Le Bec-Fin Comes to AmisPerrier and his crew will square off with the Amis chefs for an evening of European country classics.
  38. Quote of the Day
    Marc Vetri Was Pleased with Last Night’s DinnerPerrier’s old Walnut Street flagship still has it.
  39. Oh By Georges
    Look Out Philly: Georges Perrier Wants to Sex You UpPhiladelphia needs something sexy, and Georges Perrier is going to give it to them.
  40. Oh By Georges
    As If No One Saw This Coming: Perrier Will Keep Le Bec-Fin Open After AllLe Bec-Fin, which is kind of like the Jurassic Park to Stephen Starr’s ever-expanding Disneyworld, will remain open.
  41. Food TV
    DVR Alert: Marc Vetri Does Iron Chef and Georges Perrier Fixes a Kitchen thisLocal chefs invade TV this weekend.
  42. Closings
    As One Door Closes a Stall Opens For Once Mighty Restaurant RowersPerhaps Perrier will follow former neighbor Susanna Foo and open a farmers market stand.
  43. Rumor Mill
    Le Bec-Fin May or May Not Be on the MarketWhile realtors have it listed, Perrier is denying its for sale.
  44. Foodies With Benefits
    Get Tickets Now For FeastivalThe feast will benefit Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe.
  45. Foodievents
    Where to Eat and Drink for Bastille DayLe Bec Fin hosts a day-long outdoor party.
  46. Scandals
    Philly Mag Profiles PerrierGeorges Perrier is featured in the magazine
  47. Recession Is Your Friend
    Drown Your Holiday Shopping Sorrows in Le Bec-Fin’s Late-Night Pastry BuffetThe grande dame of Walnut Street is getting into the buffet business
  48. Food TV
    Georges’ Chef Jeremy Duclut Avoids Getting ChoppedA local chef takes home the prize
  49. Georges Perrier
    A.C. Food Fest Rant: Perrier’s Peculiar Pizza?A report says the A.C. Food and Wine Festival was a hot mess
  50. Georges Perrier
    Georges Perrier Makes a ‘Sheezsteak’First a burger, now a cheesesteak