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  1. the year i ate new york
    Greenpoint Versus GreenpointCan a quickly changing neighborhood learn to coexist with itself?
  2. features
    A Hot New Restaurant Moved In. That Made Its Neighbors Nervous.A gentrification battle erupts in Ridgewood.
  3. neighborhoods
    Gentrification Threatened Their Bar — Black Neighbors Refused to Let That Happen“As our erasure happens, we’re trying very hard to protect our spaces.”
  4. closings
    East Village Music Mecca HiFi Bar Will CloseIts last day is October 29.
  5. Relocations
    Greenpoint’s Oldest Polish Bakery Will Close to Make Way for DevelopmentIt’ll likely reopen nearby, but possibly not in Greenpoint.
  6. Brooklynnovation
    Danny Meyer Likes Brooklyn Fine, It’s Just Not Necessarily for HimThe future of fine dining may just be shopping malls.
  7. Gentrification
    Menino Parties at Back Deck to Make Downtown Crossing HappenWe’ll be really happy if he brings Shake Shack to the ‘hood.
  8. Coming Soon
    It’s True: Fort Point + Ming Tsai = New RestaurantHe’ll open a Chinese restaurant in a funny-shaped building on A Street.
  9. Mediavore
    Samuels & Son Halts Imports of Japanese Seafood; Point Breeze Restaurant OwnerPlus: Re-energized Starbucks pushes forward on its plan to rule the world; and produce prices to come down as spring veggies come to market, all in our morning news roundup.
  10. Nightclubbing
    East Village People: Blacks, Bohos, and Frat Boys Need Not Apply?The nightlife landscape is getting increasingly divisive.
  11. Thought Pieces
    The Foodification of BrooklynWhere gentrification is concerned, restaurants are the new art galleries.
  12. Terminology
    The Birth of VendrificationA new word has been added to the foodie lexicon.
  13. Studies
    Chinatown Threatened by ‘Trendy’ RestaurantsBut what exactly does trendy mean?
  14. Gentrification
    Off-Off-BoweryThe Bowery is officially too cool for the cool kids.