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    Why Flynn McGarry Is Closing GemThe chef is planning something bigger — but he promises he won’t put any burgers on the menu.
  2. q&a
    Chef Flynn McGarry Is Done Being a ProdigyIt’s been a long, strange journey from precocious culinary whiz kid to grizzled big-city restaurateur.
  3. re-openings
    Flynn McGarry’s Gem Reopens With an Emphasis on SimplicityThe 20-year-old chef leans into comfort food and steps back from his own expectations.
  4. closings
    Flynn McGarry Will Close His LES Tasting Room for the SummerThe 20-year-old plans to spend ten weeks traveling and cooking here and abroad.
  5. profiles
    What Happens When ‘the Justin Bieber of Food’ Grows Up?Flynn McGarry is ready to shake off the Teen Chef label once and for all.
  6. openings
    Here’s the Full Tasting Menu From Flynn McGarry’s Ambitious New Restaurant GemThe 19-year-old chef is charging $155 for dinner.
  7. Coming Soon
    Empire Prepares to Reign Over Fan PierBig Night Entertainment Group brings Asian flavors to the waterfront.
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    Have a Look at the Menu and Cocktail List at GEM, Big Night Entertainment’s NewGEM, from the team behind Red Lantern, will open in the coming days.
  9. Coming Soon
    Gem Brings Tater Tots With A Side of Russian Dressing DowntownThe Red Lantern team tackles the English dinner club theme.