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  1. Serafina
    Geisha Table, a Mini Geisha, Disrobes on UWSGeisha Table slithers in next to Serafina.
  2. Neighborhood Watch
    Hotel Williamsburg Opens in November With Four Bars; René Redzepi of NomaYes, a 64-room boutique hotel in Williamsburg will have four bars.
  3. Geisha
    Geisha, Not Serafina, to Valenti Space — or Something Like ThatIs the UWS getting a geisha or a pizza?
  4. Switcheroo
    Serafina Moving to Geisha Space, Geisha Moving to Mañana LocationVittorio and Fabio are tossing around more than pizza.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    America Ferrera and Morgan Freeman Go to Fishtail, Stevie Wonder Leaves $1,000And more in our weekly celebrity-foodie roundup.
  6. Slideshow
    A First Look at Mañana, Opening MañanaA ‘typical Mexican mama,’ says Serafina partner Vittorio Assaf, consulted on the group’s new margarita spot.
  7. NewsFeed
    Secret Is Out About Uni Butter and Tuna Truffle SandwichesSome of the “secret dishes” that ‘Page Six Magazine’ includes in its roundup of off-the-menu items aren’t so secret.
  8. NewsFeed
    New Chef Richard Lee Introduces Hamachi Jalapeño to GeishaAs the Strong Buzz has reported, Michael Vernon has left Geisha. His protégé, Richard Lee, who was also trained by consulting chef Eric Ripert in 2003, is now at the helm, and we’ve got our hands on his new menu. We’re already wondering if “hamachi jalapeño” will be the next big thing — kind of irresistible to order, isn’t it? As for sushi chef Don Pham’s oxymoronic new creation — sushi sandwiches — we’re not so sure. Check out the dinner menu here. Geisha Menu Changes in the Kitchen at Geisha [Strong Buzz]
  9. Foodievents
    Drink Japan Without Leaving Little Italy Sake has been the next big trend for so long that we’ve been loathe to recognize it now that it’s actually arriving. If, like us, you’re utterly mystified by the stuff (not being able to read the bottle is part of it), check out the Joy of Sake next week. The city’s biggest sake event will hit the Puck Building on Thursday featuring 300 different sakes, at least a third of which aren’t available outside of Japan. The restaurant lineup looks good too: Seventeen restaurants are creating dishes meant to be paired with sake, including wd-50, Sakagura, and 15 East. Tickets are $75 in advance, $90 at the door. Joy of Sake [Official Site]
  10. NewsFeed
    Is ‘Gossip Girl’ the Most Restauranty Show Since ‘Sex and the When we spoke to Gilt waiter Chris Wilgos the other day, he had colorful things to say about his old-timer patrons, but the place played to the teens in last night’s premiere episode of Gossip Girl. In one clip, a prep student whose parents supposedly own the place hilariously bribes a cook to make his date her favorite dish: a grilled cheese sandwich with truffle oil. Watch as our hero Serena van der Woodsen downs a martini faster than you can say “extra dirty.” Really, Gilt? Really? Serving minors? Either way, between this, the dinner scene at Geisha, and (believe it) the sex scene at the Campbell Apartment, we’re confident this show will spark the most exclamations of “Hey! I’ve eaten there!” since Sex and the City. After the jump, the kids take over Gilt.