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  1. Gauntlets
    Here’s a Guy Who’s Spent Over $100K in a Quest to Visit EveryAsk not for whom the Frappuccino tolls.
  2. Gauntlets
    Some Brave Soul Vowed to Spend 49 Days Eating Nothing But Olive Garden PastaThis guy is like the Charles Lindbergh of rigatoni.
  3. Gauntlets
    Here’s How to Make a Ramen Hoagie RollThere’s a fair amount of nerdery involved, but it’s worth it.
  4. Gauntlets
    Eat Three of These 10-Ounce ‘Heisenburgers,’ and They’re AllThe beef in the “Heisenberg Challenge” burgers is LaFreida, because this is New York.
  5. The Orange Line
    Riding the V Line: Coming Back Around to RussiaWe’re riding the B and V from Coney Island all the way to Forest Hills, jumping off frequently to rave about our favorite restaurants along the way. As the V Line reaches its terminus along the vast, terrifying stretch of Queens Boulevard that dominates Rego Park, we find it poetically pleasing that it resumes the Russian atmosphere of its starting point in Brighton Beach. Our second favorite Uzbek kebab restaurant, Cheburechnaya, is at 63rd Drive, but our favorite, Café Arzu, is at 67th Avenue.
  6. Openings
    Popeyes Brings Chicken and Biscuits Shrine to ChinatownWe’re not sure whether the Popeyes that opened three days ago right across from the mouth of the Manhattan Bridge (that’s right, the first thing motorists now see when entering the island is a Popeyes) has to do with the Bowery location that closed over the summer. But we do know from this floral arrangement festooned with ribbons and cards reading “Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits” that it’s Chinese run, and enthusiastically so. Yesterday found the manager offering patrons free refills and giving away free chicken to everyone in the restaurant at closing time (might want to try your luck tonight around midnight). Says a friend of Grub who lives in the hood, “I’m overjoyed.” No kidding! Now he doesn’t have to trek to the Waverly for biscuits…