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  1. Gastronomics
    Iced-Coffee Number-Crunching: How to Get the Cheapest Possible Cold BrewThere are myriad ways to get your hands on some cold brew, but which is the most cost-effective?
  2. Guacanomics
    Seeing Green: New York City’s Guacamole EconomyIt’s common wisdom that guacamole is a restaurant ripoff — a closer look reveals it actually might be one of the best bargains going.
  3. Food Politics
    The Soda-Ban Lessons Bloomberg Can Learn From Denmark’s Failed Fat TaxWhat Denmark’s fat-tax failure proved in very real, nontheoretical terms is that government edicts won’t do much to change people’s unhealthy eating habits.
  4. Truckin’
    Hell on Wheels: Why Food Truck Owners Are Increasingly Turning toAs headaches pile up, truck owners increasingly turn to traditional stores, which can seem downright simple to run in comparison.
  5. Gastronomics
    Gastronomics: How Michelin Inflates New York’s Restaurant PricesThe French tire company’s guidebook has a unique way of driving up prices. Felix Salmon looks at the phenomenon.
  6. Gastronomics
    Gastronomics: When Will $20 Cocktails Become the Norm?A few brave bar owners blazed the trail. Now it’s just a matter of everyone else catching up, and it will happen sooner than you think.
  7. Gastronomics
    Gastronomics: Building a Megabusiness From the Ground Up (Literally)A new breed of entrepreneur is reshaping the way restaurants are built: They’re starting with seeds and reaping millions in investment dollars.
  8. Gastronomics
    Yelp About to Go PublicThe citizen-review site just revealed what they think they’re worth: $840 million.
  9. Gastronomics
    The One Percent Is Invited to Drop $25,000 on Valentine’s Dinner By JoshuaA one-night, one-time package at a private home in Big Sur comes with your own Michelin two-star chef: Joshua Skenes.
  10. Front of House
    Will SeatMe Try to Unseat OpenTable?
  11. Gastronomics
    Gastronomics: Where the One Percent EatsFelix Salmon looks at exactly where the super-wealthy eat, and finds out it’s not all Per Se and Le Bernardin for the upper echelon.
  12. Mediavore
    Regarding Charlie Trotter’s Wide Influence on Eating; Minimum Wage Gets
  13. FYI
    As Its Share Price Tumbles, OpenTable Loses Top ExecutiveJeff Jordan, the former CEO who took the company public, is resigning from his role as executive chairman.
  14. Gastronomics
    Gastronomics: How Chefs Learned to Monetize Veggie PedigreesFelix Salmon looks at how the rise of bespoke produce gave restaurants the opportunity to sell relatively inexpensive ingredients at premium prices.
  15. Gastronomics
    Gastronomics: Exactly How Much Do People Spend at New York’s TopA new online tool helps Felix Salmon look at precisely how much New York’s diners are spending.
  16. Gastronomics
    Food Biz Made Bank on Friday, Lost It All Saturday and SundayObviously, the restaurant industry lost a lot of money.
  17. Gastronomics
    Gastronomics: How Pop-ups Went Boom, and Why They Should Go BustThe transient operations are, well … popping up everywhere. But Felix Salmon says that even their bargain-seeming prices are a bad deal.
  18. Gastronomics
    Gastronomics: Why Blowout Feast Reservations Are InFelix Salmon looks at the many benefits — and surprisingly few drawbacks — of so-called “large-format” dining.
  19. Gastronomics
    Gastronomics: What’s the Value of a Great Review?What does a rave mean for restaurant prices, and will a great review actually end up costing diners?
  20. Gastronomics
    The Crowded Restaurant Conundrum: Why We’re All Gluttons for PunishmentFelix Salmon examines why what’s painful for customers is often profitable for restaurants.