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  1. Foodievents
    Is Lion on the Menu for Next Week’s Gastronauts Dinner?It’s a thin line between ‘roaaaarrrr’ and ‘raaagh.’
  2. Mediavore
    The Hypocrisy of Locavore Wine Lists; Travelers Embrace ‘KitchenPlus: the proliferation of the Bloody Mary, and a dinner club for adventurous eaters, in our daily news roundup.
  3. What to Eat
    Bugging OutIntroducing the Brooklyn Bug Biters.
  4. NewsFeed
    What’s It Take to Get a Decent Grasshopper Around Here? Earlier, we noted that La Esquina served grasshoppers at the bar during the Spotted Pig’s Super Bowl party, and there’s more reason to believe entomophagy is catching on. Next Tuesday, the Gastronauts, last seen eating python, will hold a bug-eating dinner at a “posh apartment.” Their master of ceremonies will be David Gracer, a Rhode Island enthusiast who lectures on edible insects and serves them at private parties. Gracer recently wrote on his blog, Bugs for Dinner!, that he was bummed he couldn’t find markets selling them in New York. To help Gracer in his quest, we turned to Miguel Calvo, a mixologist who will be serving cocktails rimmed with grasshopper salt at Crema this Valentine’s Day.
  5. NewsFeed
    ‘Testicle Connoisseurs’ Meet at Secret Williamsburg Location to EatSocialite Tamsin Lonsdale’s supper club has been less than successful in moving from London to New York, but another club has recently expanded from NYC to London. The Gastronauts, led by German bon vivant Curtiss Calleo, who claims to be able to “charm you into eating your own earwax” (like we need convincing?), consider themselves “veteran testicle connoisseurs.”