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  1. Game On
    3 Former Saul Chefs Have Teamed Up for Game, an Ultrameaty Sports BarThe lamb ribs are pastrami-crusted, the chicken wings are dotted with serranos, and there’s oxtail in the short-rib chili.
  2. Chef Shuffle
    Watkins Drinkery’s New Chef Plays the Same Old GameThe new chef follows in her predecessor’s footsteps with a new menu that relies heavily on game dishes.
  3. Mediavore
    Fire In Glenview; Raising Chickens Harder Than It SoundsPlus: Monster Energy Drink vs. Vermonster beer; wild game gets big in the UK
  4. Foodievent
    Monkey Town Pairs Venison With VideosRabbit, to the tune of “Rabbit in Your Headlights.”