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  1. DO-Oops
    DOH Deems Algonquin Lobby Cat Feline Non GrataPoor Matilda must now spend her days chained up at the check-in desk.
  2. Gaffes
    On Second Thought, Hold the AffogatoNo, no, not “avocado.”
  3. Gaffes
    ADL Objects to Wodka Vodka’s ‘Hanukkah Pricing’Get with the program, Wodka!
  4. Gaffes
    ‘Yuppie Scum’–Targeting Waitress Had the Wrong GuyShe publicly attacked the wrong Andrew Meyer.
  5. Food Politics
    Obama-Branded Chinese Chicken Joint Angers Al SharptonObama Fried Chicken in Beijing features a carton Obama head on Colonel Sanders’s body.
  6. Gaffes
    Whole Foods Will Celebrate Ramadan in Spite of Angry Right-Wing BloggersAfter an internal memo urging employees not to promote Ramadan, the chain is backpedaling.
  7. Gaffes
    No Longer a True Loaf of MineFairway’s parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme bread has been renamed.
  8. Gaffes?
    Obama’s ‘Awkward’ Toast Doesn’t Seem All That AwkwardWe’ve got the video!
  9. Snubs
    Now Ina Garten Is the One Getting DissedThe tables have turned and it’s the Make-A-Wish kid who isn’t into the idea.
  10. Gaffes
    Ina Garten Un-snubs Make-A-Wish PatientShe’ll make time for the 6-year-old with leukemia after all.