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  1. This Device ‘Sniffs’ Your Food So You Don’t Get SickEat your week-old produce with confidence.
  2. This Device Will Turn Old Bottles Into Drinking CupsAs if you needed an excuse to drink more beer.
  3. This Electric Wine Aerator Also Turns Your Wine Bottle Into a TapReal wine, now with the convenience of Franzia.
  4. This Collapsible Coffee Cup Might Fix One of the Worst Things About Travel MugsGenius or messy?
  5. Original Video
    This 3-D Food Printer Actually Makes Pizza So You Don’t Have ToWhy cook when you can just sit on your couch?
  6. Original Video
    Here’s a Tiny Coffee Press That Can Brew AnywhereOkay, so, it may not be a perfect pour-over, but it’s still coffee.
  7. Gadgets
    iBaoWow Bao sets up a full-functionality iPhone app that does everything but feed you.
  8. Gadgets
    iPhone Explores the ‘East Side’How far does a new restaurant app go on the iPhone?
  9. Gadgets
    They’re Watching YouA new iPhone app tracks your every move.