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  1. restaurant review
    Sailor Is SensationalA Brooklyn bistro exhibits the understated confidence of its famous co-captains.
  2. fall preview 2023
    Gabriel Stulman and April Bloomfield Will Open Sailor in SeptemberThe duo lands in Brooklyn with design from Ralph Lauren’s longtime creative director.
  3. scoundrels
    The New Way Restaurants Are Fighting Back Against ThievesRestaurant owners are turning to social media to track down stolen property. It works surprisingly well.
  4. restaurant review
    Simon & the Whale Is a Crowd-Pleaser With Enough Personality to Stay InterestingAt Gabriel Stulman’s first hotel restaurant, the menu is dotted with familiar dishes that have been reworked in creative, unfamiliar ways.
  5. openings
    Gabriel Stulman Wants His First Hotel Restaurant to Feel Like a SleepoverTwo of the prolific restaurateur’s projects in the Freehand Hotel debut today.
  6. openings
    Say Hello to Fairfax, Gabriel Stulman’s New All-Day CaféThe relaxed restaurant is now open in the West Village.
  7. closings
    Gabriel Stulman Is Closing Perla in Favor of a More Casual ConceptFairfax, opening in its place, is an all-day café.
  8. Tipping
    Restaurateur Gabriel Stulman Reinstates Tipping at FedoraThe owner of several restaurants had been testing out a gratuity-free system, but says it didn’t work out as well as he’d hoped.
  9. Design
    The New Perla Cafe Doubles As Gabriel Stulman’s Art Gallery“I just love it — Lil Wayne in an astronaut outfit.”
  10. Empire Building
    Gabriel Stulman Rethinks His EmpireGabriel Stulman is in a major moment of transition — but don’t call it a crisis.
  11. Closings
    Gabriel Stulman’s Montmartre Will Say Au Revoir Early Next YearThe French restaurant is set to close in March.
  12. Tipping
    Gabriel Stulman Jumps on the No-Tipping BandwagonHe’s changing his policy at Fedora to start.
  13. Ch-Ch-Changes
    Perla Gets a Brand-New Look and a Lighter, Cheaper Menu“Dining in New York has gotten to be too f*cking expensive,” says owner Gabriel Stulman.
  14. Brunch
    Brunch at Bar Sardine Launches Tomorrow, With This Bonkers Breakfast SandwichIt includes baked eggs, smoked-chicken meatballs, and Gruyère.
  15. Valentine’s Day
    The Surprising Restaurant Economics of Valentine’s DayWhy busy restaurants might actually make less money than usual on February 14.
  16. Openings
    What to Eat at Bar Sardine, Now Open and Serving a $10 BurgerPlus cod fritters, oysters, and grilled cheese.
  17. Try Again
    The Very Delicate, Incredibly Tricky Art of the Restaurant Redo“Holy shit, all my eggs are in this basket.”
  18. Planned Service Changes
    Chez Sardine to Become Bar SardineGood-bye, miso-maple salmon head.
  19. Opening Again
    What to Order Off Jeffrey’s Grocery’s Brand-New MenuGabriel Stulman has rebuilt the kitchen.
  20. Planned Service Changes
    Take a Look at Michael Toscano’s New Menu at MontmartreYes, that is a coq au vin for two with egg noodles, bacon, and Hen of the Woods mushrooms, why’d you ask?
  21. Chef Shuffle
    Perla Chef Michael Toscano Replaces Tien Ho at MontmartreThe French restaurant in Chelsea is taking a new direction with a new chef.
  22. Temporary Closings
    Perla Shut Down by Health Department, Will Reopen TonightThe restaurant plans to reopen tonight.
  23. Restaurant Review
    Platt: Fusion-Inspired Montmartre Redeems Itself After a Few Menu TweaksGabriel Stulman has built an impressive dining empire in a short time by doing things the traditional way.
  24. Openings
    First Look at Montmartre, Gabe Stulman and Tien Ho’s French-AmericanTien Ho is back, and he’s bringing gaufrettes and tartare.
  25. Underground Gourmet Review
    The Underground Gourmet: At Chez Sardine, a Playful Approach toThe latest addition to Gabriel Stulman’s burgeoning West Village empire features a succulent menu worthy of a death-row binge.
  26. Openings
    What to Eat at Chez Sardine, Now Serving Tuna With Chicharrónes in the WestMr. Miyagi presides over Gabriel Stulman’s newest restaurant.
  27. Supergroups
    Jeffrey’s Grocery Loses Chef Eric Milley, Gains Little Wisco ChefMcDuffee, Toscana, Tran, Brunet-Benkritly, Ho.
  28. Community Bored
    No One Wants Jen Carroll Late-Night, and Other New Resto News… Like Stulman going Asian.
  29. Chef Shuffles
    Michael Toscano to Head the Kitchen At Gabriel Stulman’s PerlaPoaching a power-team.
  30. Location Location Location
    Gabriel Stulman on Scopa, His New Project on Minetta LaneAnd the street gets even more chic.
  31. The Grub Street Diet
    Restaurateur Gabriel Stulman Loves Delivery, Does Date Night at the Dutch“I had what they call the Pecan Duck, as in the nut. And I thought it was genius, witty, and super spot-on.”
  32. Mediavore
    Gabriel Stulman’s Wisconsin Invasion; Lower-Alcohol Cocktails Crop UpPlus: trans fats possibly linked to depression, high-carb might be the next diet craze, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  33. Slideshow
    First Look at Gabriel Stulman’s Fedora, Swinging Its Doors Open TonightThe former speakeasy that’s long been synonymous with Fedora Dorato gets a new owner, a new look, and a new menu.
  34. Openings
    Fedora Gets Chef From Au Pied de CochonPlus, more on Jeffrey’s Grocery.
  35. Openings
    First Look at Jeffrey’s Grocery, a ‘Mom-and-Pop’-Style Store aJoseph Leonard owner Gabriel Stulman wants his shop to blow the Whole Foods experience out of the water.
  36. Openings
    Stumptown Still Not Open in Red Hook, But Coming to Jeffrey’s GroceryAnd what else will Gabriel Stulman’s new market-luncheonette-raw-bar carry?
  37. Empire Building
    Stulman Turns West Village Into ‘Little Wisco’Badgers overrun West 4th Street?
  38. Openings
    ‘Fall Preview’ Spots Start Showing Their ColorsA cornucopia of news about the season’s upcoming restaurants.
  39. Closings
    What a Drag: Gay Institution Starlite Lounge Will Close This WeekendPlus, Fedora has officially called it quits.
  40. Empire Building
    Or Is Joseph Leonard’s Owner Taking Fedora?Will Gabriel Stulman take over a West Village institution?
  41. Lawsuit
    Gabriel Stulman Sues Former Little Owl PartnersThe owner of Joseph Leonard claims he was unfairly cut out of a contract.
  42. Quote of the Day
    Bloggers Ruin EverythingGabriel Stulman, formerly of the little owl and now of Joseph Leonard, tells diners to relax.
  43. Openings
    First Look at Joseph Leonard, Bar and (American) BrasserieCheck out a slideshow of little owl alum Gabe Stulman’s new West Village joint.
  44. Community Boards
    CB2 Smiles on Little Owl Owner’s New One, Frowns on Cafe Gitane’sPlus, more news from last night’s community-board showdown.