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  1. FYI
    Click Click Snap: Square Peg Wants YouThey’re not looking for supermodel looks.
  2. FYI
    Rick’s Steaks Return to Reading Terminal Is DoubtfulThe “Prince of Steaks” is again looking for a home for his cheesesteak business.
  3. FYI
    Republicans Name New Key Voting Demographic: Waitress MomsTimber the Waitress might just be the new Joe the Plumber.
  4. FYI
    Well, This Is One Way to Get People DrunkThe BPD gears up for Superbowl Sunday, urges fans not to leave bars.
  5. FYI
    Pub & Kitchen’s Plans to Build Bedford Cafe Are DeadThe building was sold out from underneath the Pub & Kitchen’s owners.
  6. FYI
    Connie’s Ric Rac to Unveil Expansion PlansThe performance venue will present plans to expand and add food service at a zoning meetings.
  7. Menus
    Ippuku, Quince, Chez Panisse to Be First to Feature Fresh S.F. Bay HerringThe little fishes haven’t been sold locally in a long, long time.
  8. Start-ups
    New Start-up Treatful Aims to Be the Kinder, Gentler GrouponThe Bay Area-based start-up sells virtual gift cards on behalf of restaurants, but isn’t a deal site.
  9. FYI
    As Its Share Price Tumbles, OpenTable Loses Top ExecutiveJeff Jordan, the former CEO who took the company public, is resigning from his role as executive chairman.
  10. FYI
    You Bet Your Sweet Cans It’s Christmastime!Percy Street constructs an impressive, eight-foot Christmas tree.
  11. Trends
    The Rich Still Dining Out; the 99 Percent, Not So MuchFine dining booms while the rest of the restaurant industry suffers.
  12. Snake Oil
    And Now: Two New Hangover Cures to Get You Through the HolidaysThe FDA approved a new hangover pill today!
  13. FYI
    Regarding Pal’s Takeaway and Their New TV DinnersOnly problem is there’s no dessert compartment.
  14. Studies
    Are Potato Chips Political?“The red-state and blue-state models of our nation are written on the back of every bag of potato chips,” says a new study.
  15. Holidays
    The Fairmont and St. Francis Hotels Square Off With Enormous GingerbreadThe Westin St. Francis originally built theirs in 2005, and it’s showing a little bit of wear.
  16. Health Concerns
    Restaurants Must Now Keep Larger Healthy S.F. Reserve FundThe change in the law means restaurants must now keep $8,500 per full-time employee in reserve at all times.
  17. FYI
    Marty Moss-Coane Talks Turkey With Kevin Sbraga and Michael SolomonovThe two chefs will discuss Thanksgiving and all the trimmings.
  18. Empire Building
    Ms. Tootsie’s Keven Parker Brings Big Changes to South StreetChanges include renovations to the restaurant, plus a home store and boutique hotel next door.
  19. FYI
    Fish Reels In Another James Beard Date; Stollenwerk Comes Up With a SuccessionWhen the restaurant moves in coming weeks, it will be replaced by another Stollenwerk venture.
  20. FYI
    Salmonella Villain Jack DeCoster Sells Egg Farms, Leaves Egg IndustryThe DeCosters have reached about 40 financial settlements with victims of last year’s Salmonella outbreak, which numbered about 1,900 victims in total.
  21. FYI
    Dungeness Crabs Getting ‘Bigger and Fatter’ As Crab FishermenCrab season opened, but the fisherman are holding out for a higher price per pound.
  22. FYI
    No It’s Not Breaking Bad, It’s Alla SpinaThe dinner, which sold out almost immediately, previewed dishes to be featured on the Alla Spina menu.
  23. FYI
    Former ‘Chef’s Table’ Host Jim Coleman ResurfacesThe former WHYY personality will be cooking alongside other Philly chefs at Westmont, NJ’s Cork.
  24. FYI
    Oakland Businesses Go Cash-Only During General Strike [Updated]Not all businesses are so willing to support the movement, however.
  25. Lawsuits
    Supreme Court to Tackle Case Involving California Pork Industry’Nonambulatory’ pigs aren’t supposed to be making it into the human food chain, and this costs pork producers too much money.
  26. FYI
    The Real Problem at Occupy Boston Is Moist FoodBut hand sanitizer abounds!
  27. Liquid Gold
    Really? Study Says More People Steal Cheese Than Any Other FoodWho stole your cheese? Everyone, apparently.
  28. FYI
    Ravenous Crowds Crash the Federal Donuts WebsiteThe donuts and fried chicken shop continues struggling to keep up with its eager audience.
  29. FYI
    Joanne Chang’s Taking Recipe Suggestions for Her New CookbookShe’s hiring, too.
  30. Food Politics
    Shark Fin Ban Signed Into Law; But Shark Fin Soup Will Be Around for Two YearsShark fins already in the state can be sold, or eaten, through July 2013.
  31. Food Politics
    California’s ‘Food Deserts’ Get Help From the StatePoor neighborhoods need plums too.
  32. Front of the House
    Restaurant Workers Right Up There With Miners as Big SmokersThe CDC’s list of occupations that smoke the most is usually topped by roofers and bricklayers and such.
  33. The Future
    Lab-Grown Meat Will Save Us All!We could be seeing “in-vitro” meat products on shelves and in restaurants within six months, supposedly.
  34. Hunting
    Mark Zuckerberg Gets All Teddy Roosevelt on Innocent BisonHe graduates from chicken and pigs to bigger game in his new “kill-it-yourself” regime.
  35. FYI
    Avila Does Brunch; BVI Does Three-Course RoastsMaybe Sundays aren’t so bad after all.
  36. FYI
    Eagles Draft Garces For Home Games; Dandelion Opens Crazy Early For Soccer FansGuapos Tacos rolls up on the Linc, and Dandelion serves an early breakfast for the Manchester City vs Everton game.
  37. FYI
    Red Tide Causes Massive Abalone Die-Off on Sonoma CoastLocals say this is the worst red tide they’ve seen in thirty years.
  38. Food Politics
    Some CA Chefs Lament as Both Shark Fin and Foie Gras Get Set to Be BannedChefs aren’t too quick to defend the practice of killing sharks for their fins, but when it comes to taking away their foie, they’re pretty angry about that.
  39. Locavores
    Vallejo Couple Goes Grocery-Free For a Year, Likes ItRachel Hoff and Tom Ferguson have eaten only what they could grow (and, for a few months, what they could get at farmers’ markets) for the last year.
  40. Groceries
    Bi-Rite Market Hires a BouncerAlso, they had a one-in-one-out policy at the height of Labor Day madness.
  41. FYI
    Will New FDA Regulations Affect Thomas Keller’s Line of Gluten-Free Flour?Keller’s proprietary blend of gluten-free pastry flour is one of many products soon to be strictly regulated by the feds.
  42. National Interest
    Are Styrofoam Containers Really So Bad? Well, YeahIsn’t there such a thing as degradable styrene?
  43. Food Politics
    FDA to Helpfully Identify All Fish Species So That You Don’t Get PoisonedThe agency is working on a database to identify all (or most) of the 30,000 fish species in the world by their DNA.
  44. Booze You Can Use
    Hurrah! You May Soon Be Able to Infuse Vodka In California Without Breaking theSenator Mark Leno has finally gotten his bill passed, eradicating that weird Prohibition-era law.
  45. Groceries
    San Francisco May Be Reaching Its Farmers’ Market Saturation Point
  46. FYI
    Homeslice’s New Owners Dispel Fears of an Eastside vs Westside Turf Battle onThe new owners of the NoLibs pizza joint simply added the word West to their address so customers could find the,
  47. Funnies
    Got V.D.? You Technically Can’t Work in an S.F. Restaurant
  48. FYI
    A Brahmin UpdatePsst…they’re now open.
  49. Video Feed
    Watch an Interesting Video About the History of Charcuterie, and Europe’sEverything you need to know about cured and smoked meats, in sixteen minutes.
  50. FYI
    Blue Inc. Opens for LunchThe new Broad Street restaurant expands its reach.
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