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  1. FYI
    A Quick Note on CommentsWe’re rolling out a new system next week.
  2. FYI
    S.F. Butcher Who Invented Bacon Hot Dogs Not Offended by Oscar Mayer Rip-off“I guess I’m flattered,” he says.
  3. FYI
    Giddy Up: Side Project Jerky Teams Up With Rival Bros. to Create ‘TheFor this latest jerky joint venture, Espinoza and Rival Bros look to the American frontier.
  4. Studies
    Study: Half the World’s Food Gets Thrown AwayIt’s partly because we insist on our produce looking pretty.
  5. Health Concerns
    There’s a New Electronic Fork That Will Supposedly Help You Not Get FatIt vibrates to tell you you’re eating too fast, or too much.
  6. Sushi Extra
    Massive Bluefin Tuna Sells for $1.76 Million at Tokyo AuctionThat’s enough nigiri to feed a small town.
  7. Let Them Eat Foie
    Foie Gras Ban a Boon for Nevada Restaurants, BusinessesWouldn’t you know it, CA foie fans are paying top dollar for the stuff across the border.
  8. Food Politics
    Shark Fin Ban Upheld in Federal CourtShark fins can still be sold until July 1, 2013.
  9. Fisherman’s Almanac
    Dungeness Crab Strike Ends, Crab Boats Back on the WaterIt’s become an annual tradition now, but it’s over after eleven days.
  10. Sushi Extra
    Japan’s Massive Tsukiji Fish Market to Close Next Year, Relocate in 2014It’s the largest wholesale fish market in the world and, some say, the heart and soul of Tokyo.
  11. Food Politics
    Bittman Wonders: Is There a Middle Ground Between Organic and ConventionalMark Bittman travels to California’s Central Valley to survey the state of the modern farm.
  12. FYI
    In Case You Plan on Butchering This WeekendFind a good knife-sharpening shop.
  13. Food Politics
    Anti-Factory-Farm Org Sponsors Meatless Mondays Posters on BARTThey’re from the Berkeley-based Factory Farming Awareness Coalition.
  14. Groceries
    You Will Soon Be Paying a Dime Each For Your Grocery BagsRestaurants and bakeries don’t have to comply until next year.
  15. Awards
    Oakland Healthy Food Advocate Honored By the Obamas55-year-old food activist Dana Harvey was “humbled and honored.”
  16. Controversy
    Mayor Menino Won’t Eat Chick-fil-AMenino doesn’t want your free Chick-fil-A.
  17. Snoozeflash
    Yep, Yelp Reviews MatterA new study says good Yelp reviews help a restaurant’s nightly bookings, but this contradicts an earlier study that suggests only a small percentage of people pay attention to online reviews.
  18. Health Concerns
    Investigative Group Finds Multiple Incidents of Imposter Fish at RestaurantsA nonprofit group called Oceana has just taken samples from 30 Bay Area restaurants in order to show whether they’re serving what they say they’re serving.
  19. Food for Olympians
    Kristian Ipsen, Son of East Bay Pizzeria Owner, Scores Bronze Medal in OlympicHe’s a Stanford student, born in Walnut Creek, and he was partnered with 32-year-old Troy Dumais.
  20. FYI
    Regarding Nixon in China, and Michael Bauer’s Program Notes onBauer ponders how Chinese food has changed, in part because of Nixon’s trip.
  21. FYI
    Yelp and Bing Team Up in Attempt to Thwart Zagat and GoogleYelp review excerpts will now be a feature of Bing searches.
  22. Pizza! Pizza!
    Things We Didn’t Know We Needed: A Pizza Vending MachineIt’s from Italy, and it cooks a pizza from scratch in two and a half minutes.
  23. FYI
    World’s Largest Oyster Possibly Found Near HumboldtIt’s not really for eating.
  24. Technology
    Six Privacy-Violating Technologies Bars Should EmployBars are installing a new facial-recognition tool, but that’s just the beginning of what they could be doing to violate our privacy.
  25. FYI
    BYO Bread to American Sardine BarSchroeder wants people to know about the “BYO Bread program” he’s got going on for celiac sufferers at American Sardine Bar.
  26. Booze You Can Use
    Russian Bathhouse in the Bayview to Serve BoozeArchimedes Banya, which is co-ed, will be adding booze to their cafe menu.
  27. Mediavore
    Manage Food Allergies Online with Foodie.fmA new website for finding allergy friendly recipes and products is now beta testing.
  28. FYI
    Casa B Launches Late-Night Menu This WeekendUnion Square’s favorite tapas den introduces nocturnal delights.
  29. Food Safety
    Mad Cow Update: Two Dairies Quarantined, Offspring Put DownThe calf was identified at a farm in another state, and after being euthanized was found not to have mad cow.
  30. FYI
    There’s Cameroonian Food In Oakland NowIt’s a Tuesday-only pop-up.
  31. Food Safety
    File Under Yikes: Mad Cow Disease Found in California Dairy CowYou can’t get it from milk, don’t worry, says the USDA.
  32. FYI
    Questlove Teaming Up with Graham ElliotGet ready for Quest Loves Food Powered by Graham Elliot, debuting next month.
  33. FYI
    Help Decide the Fate of Boot & Saddle TonightThe zoning committee takes up the discussion at its meeting tonight.
  34. Trends
    America Finally Getting Bored With Chicken Breast, Loading Up on Dark MeatPoultry producers are facing shortages of thighs owing to unexpectedly high demand.
  35. The Chain Gang
    Red Lobster Builds World’s Biggest Lobster Farm to Raise Things ThatIt turns out, the chain has been serving these ‘lobsters’ for years, just not if you order a whole one.
  36. FYI
    Your Olive Oil Was Probably Cut With Corn OilOr, maybe, palm oil.
  37. FYI
    Corey Lee to Speak on Food and Science Today at UCSFThe Benu chef will be discussing the increasingly parallel technologies of cooking and bioscience.
  38. FYI
    Cuba Libre Drops an Empanada BummerOnce again, we are a city that’s deficient in empanadas.
  39. Back of the House
    The Food Network Tried to Make Tanya Holland ‘Sassy’; She Refused“I was in the soul kitchen, so they wanted me to act sassy. I’m from suburbia, I’m educated…”
  40. FYI
    How to Win Four Stars From Globe Critic Devra FirstHint: Cater to grannies, babies, and snobs.
  41. Health Concerns
    Now That Shark Fins Are Banned, Experts Find Out They May CauseNew York State may ban shark fins, and California already has, but here’s a whole new reason not to eat them.
  42. FYI
    You Can Now Get Tamale Sandwiches in OaklandIt’s called a torta de tamal, and yes, that’s a lot of carbs.
  43. Recipes
    How to Be Like Russell Moore and Make Your Own VinegarThe ‘Chronicle’ tells you how.
  44. Menu Changes
    Blowfish Sushi Will Serve Deadly Fugu (a.k.a. Blowfish)It’s available only for a few weeks, by special advance order.
  45. FYI
    Local Christian Ministry Uses Restaurant ‘Eatups’ to Help BuildThe church sends groups out on Sundays to Castro area restaurants to dine with fellow parishioners and welcome in new ones.
  46. Food Politics
    One of the Wise Sons Speaks to the Kosher ThingMost big Jewish delis aren’t kosher and never have been.
  47. FYI
    Marc Vetri Plays an ‘Ode to the Publican’ at Alla SpinaBuy the kitchen a six-pack and ring the bell.
  48. Video Feed
    Oakland Restaurant Happily Hires Ex-FelonsThe church-sponsored Souls Restaurant is trying to give a few ex-cons a job on the outside.
  49. FYI
    Sixpoint Anniversary Dinner PostponedA new date has yet to be scheduled.
  50. FYI
    Last Minute Lovebirds: Where to Take Your Sweetie For Valentine’s DayTime’s a’wasting, Romeo.
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