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  1. Funny Business
    People Understandably Horrified by Yahoo’s Cruel Trader Joe’s PrankLet’s face it: It’s not an April Fools’ Day joke if it comes out in March.
  2. Funny Business
    8 April Fool’s Day Food Pranks That Will Make You Both Cringe and ChuckleA Samsung smart knife, clear Marmite, and a cheese cleanse.
  3. Funny Business
    Closed Doughnut Shop Mysteriously Promises to Reopen Without ‘theAt least one former customer is pretty sure they’re talking about a manager.
  4. Funny Business
    Restaurants Now Google Customers for All Kinds of Nefarious Purposes“A customer that is rude, obnoxious, complains, and doesn’t tip should be noted.”
  5. Funny Business
    Tales of Cupcake CutthroateryWho knew?
  6. Funny Business
    Eric Ripert Will Not Google You; Julian Niccolini Will If You Run a Ponzi SchemeNot every nice restaurant is cyber-stalking its diners.
  7. Funny Business
    Stupid Restaurant Tricks: Googling Diners and Rewarding Wine PushersTricks of the trade revealed!