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  1. Funnies
    Fuds: The People, and the Story, Behind GoogaMooga’s Funniest Fake MenuIt started as a form of flirting.
  2. Technology
    Six Privacy-Violating Technologies Bars Should EmployBars are installing a new facial-recognition tool, but that’s just the beginning of what they could be doing to violate our privacy.
  3. The Chain Gang
    Regarding the New, Allegedly Green, ‘Healthier’ McDonald’s inIt’s more like a parodic art project than a reality.
  4. Go Ask Alice
    Is Alice Waters the Milli Vanilli of Chefs?Our rock-star comparisons prompted at least one reader to ask the old question, ‘Was Waters ever really a chef?’ And who should chime in but Jeremiah Tower.
  5. Booze You Can Use
    Russian Bathhouse in the Bayview to Serve BoozeArchimedes Banya, which is co-ed, will be adding booze to their cafe menu.
  6. Slideshow
    If Chefs Were Really Rock Stars, Who Would They Be?A look into a world where Anthony Bourdain is actually Sid Vicious and Alice Waters plays Joni Mitchell.
  7. Funnies
    Tartine Mocked In New Fake Ad on Muni’Wait in line for five hours to buy a f**king donut.’
  8. Video Feed
    S.F.’s Louboutin Attacker Referenced on 30 Rock [Updated]It involves Jenna, and an off-brand heel.
  9. Truckin’
    Mama Cass Sandwich Truck Operator Doesn’t Seem to Get the JokeFor real?
  10. Funnies
    Crate & Barrel Co-Opts Dolores Park for New Grill LineNo one around here is going to like this.
  11. Funnies
    Fun New Blog Mocks Castro HauntsIt’s all animated GIFs!
  12. Video Feed
    Comedian Maria Bamford: Paula Deen’s Recipes ‘Are Like a SuicideTrust us: It’s funny.
  13. Funnies
    New Yorker Addresses Restaurant Mental Health Code ViolationsRestaurant practices that push us to the brink.
  14. Funnies
    A Little Bit of Funny From Cecilia ChiangShe prints emails and mails them around, apparently.
  15. We Actually Don’t Dislike Him
    This Ridiculously Huge Yellow Truck Belongs to Guy FieriWe should have known.
  16. Funnies
    Join a Discussion About S.F.’s Worst-Named RestaurantsCurry Boyzz, anyone?
  17. Funnies
    At Least One Old Person Not Happy With Buca di BeppoRegarding the new Old People Writing on a Restaurant’s Facebook Page blog.
  18. Deals
    Tax Day: Credo Offering 99-Cent Pizzas for the 99 PercentIt’s a happy hour deal that runs all next week, with the purchase of a drink.
  19. The Other Critics
    The Soup Nazi of Oakland Cajun Food Actually a Big SoftieOB’s Cafe in Oakland is really good… but the service can be downright hostile.
  20. Blechtacular
    22 Other Things Pizza Hut Should Stuff Into Its CrustsWhy should the chain stop at stuffing its crusts with hot dogs?
  21. Video Feed
    Watch as ‘Thieves’ Steal a Boar Head From Four BarrelIt was some kind of pre-April Fool’s joke.
  22. Armchair Critics
    Zagat Wants Your Witty QuotesIf your quotes get used in the new guide, you’ll get one for free.
  23. Pot Cookery
    Alt Weekly Seeks Pot-Edibles CriticGet paid to get high, ladies and gentlemen. Imagine it.
  24. Cartography
    Grilled Cheese Guy Aspires to Work for J.J. AbramsHe moonlights as a screenwriter, you see.
  25. Truckin’
    Behold: The Pizza Pimps TruckSo far, they haven’t made it out of the South Bay much.
  26. Funnies
    Not Surprisingly, Penthouse Club Ladies Dislike ShowgirlsAlso, at least one of them is a Scotch drinker.
  27. Funnies
    Behold Some St. Patrick’s Day Cakes Gone Very, Very WrongThank you, Cake Wrecks.
  28. Video Feed
    IHOP Once (Sincerely) Fought Against DiabetesA little bit of ironic history from the early nineties.
  29. The Chain Gang
    A Tale of a Saturday Night at San Francisco’s Only Olive GardenDid you know there’s an Olive Garden in S.F.? There is!
  30. Mediavore
    Santorum Cake for Super Tuesday; Celine Dion Saves a Montreal Deli
  31. Words of Wisdom
    You May Want to Think Twice Before Naming Your Restaurant ‘Local’The Corner’ also is not likely to be an easily Google-able name.
  32. Funnies
    Hello Handy Nasty: Local Rapper Drops a Sichuan-Singed Ode to Han ChiangThe rapper proclaims Chiang as the top of the food chain.
  33. TV Land
    Michael Chiarello Shills a Little on The Price Is RightIt’s an all-Chiarello-themed showcase in the Showcase Showdown!
  34. Funnies
    The Tale of a Recent Hipster Field Trip to Russia HouseThe endangered, 101-adjacent wedding venue/sometimes restaurant gets a visit from The Bold Italic kids.
  35. Coffee Talk
    Sightglass Coffee Unveils Amusing New Tagline“Fine coffees for a weary world.” Cute.
  36. Kerfuffles
    Gold Dust Lounge Supporters to Landlord: ‘This Is Going to Get Ugly’Also, the bar owners still seem to have a few tricks up their sleeves.
  37. Quote of the Day
    Still Sounds Better Than Kombucha’Fear Factor’ crosses a new line, then sort of uncrosses it.
  38. Previews
    Lucky Strike Lanes on Deck for March Opening, and Here’s Their Hiring“Most important: be yourself.”
  39. Quote of the Day
    Mary Risley’s Secret Ingredient to Teaching Well
  40. Funnies
    A Cheeky Message From a New Castro Restaurant
  41. Quote of the Day
    Ty-Lör Boring Jokes About Nude Pics’It’s probably more of a rite of a passage – you know as part of the application process for an apartment in Brooklyn. Hasn’t everyone done a naked photo or two for those?’
  42. Eatiquette
    Is Your Server Drunk Right Now?And more to the point, does it even matter?
  43. Coffee Talk
    Four Barrel Mocks Itself in ‘Sh*t Baristas Say’’There’s a library a few blocks away that has wifi…’
  44. Funnies
    Here Are Your Favorite Bartenders’ Bad JokesDon’t quit your day job, guys.
  45. Video Feed
    Portlandia Video Break: ‘We Can Pickle That!’
  46. Front of House
    Server Dishes About Naughty Customers at Keller’s Per Se
  47. Openings
    Amusingly Named Hong Kee & Kim Replaces All Season DowntownWe’re sure there was no racism intended.
  48. Funnies
    At Oakland’s Homeroom, Don’t Mind the Table NumbersHint: They’re all table 8.
  49. Booze You Can Use
    New Year’s Tip: Drunk Walking More Dangerous Than Drunk DrivingYou’re eight times more likely to die from drinking and walking, so, careful out there.
  50. Lists
    Armchair Critic Names Best New Restaurants of 2011, None of Which Opened in 2011One of them opened over a decade ago!
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