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  1. Funnies
    And Now, ‘Sh*t Vegans Say’E.g., “I’m not fighting with you about honey again.”
  2. Video Feed
    Mary Risley Swears Some More on YouTubeAs she’s recently learned, “Young people really listen to you if you say ‘fuck.’”
  3. Funnies
    And Now, Pizzeria Delfina’s Holiday GiftA nativity scene made from panettone and white chocolate.
  4. Pizza Pizza
    Fresh Brothers Strikes Back with More Yuletide Pizza AdsThe chain shows off its skills with a few slices and a wicked way with Photoshop.
  5. Closings
    Thanks for the Mammaries: Hooters Shutters at the WharfAt least the Penthouse Club is on its way!
  6. Funnies
    Tiny Mexican Joint in Oakland Plays Host to The Hella Gay Comedy ShowIt’s monthly, on the second Friday.
  7. Video Feed
    Cable Car City Pub Launches Loud Video Ad CampaignThe Fog City Pub has been replaced, you see, next to Powell Street Station.
  8. Studies
    Are Potato Chips Political?“The red-state and blue-state models of our nation are written on the back of every bag of potato chips,” says a new study.
  9. Holidays
    The Fairmont and St. Francis Hotels Square Off With Enormous GingerbreadThe Westin St. Francis originally built theirs in 2005, and it’s showing a little bit of wear.
  10. Freebies
    Find Chinese Food, Pizza, and Free Brunch Mimosas at Punjab
  11. Funnies
    S.F. Cooking Instructor Offers Some Sage Advice: ‘Just Put the F**kingOh, Mary. We love you.
  12. An Education
    Stanford Offers Course in the ‘Language of Food’ in Which HomeworkWell, it’s more like it teaches them how to be super analytical and academic about food journalism in general.
  13. Openings
    Burger Urge Opens Friday in the Upper Haight, Complete With Unfortunate Tagline“Prepare to be filled!”? Really?
  14. Michelin Guide
    Michelin Inspectors in Chicago Couldn’t Snag Reservations at NextEven they couldn’t get in more than once, so they didn’t review it.
  15. Funnies
    Dog Meat or Duck Meat?Two very different stories.
  16. Funnies
    Behold an Antique Phonograph That Plays Chocolate RecordsIf only someone still made chocolate records!
  17. Oeno-File
    Behold a Handbag Made for Boxed WineIt’s a new kind of handbag for the drunker variety of real housewife.
  18. Funnies
    They’re Now Making Turducken for DogsYep.
  19. Funnies
    Smith College Bans Meat?First men, now this?
  20. Funnies
    How Many OpenTable Accounts Do You Have?Shadier folk sign up for multiple accounts under assumed names, but they’d better remember what they all are.
  21. Liquid Gold
    Really? Study Says More People Steal Cheese Than Any Other FoodWho stole your cheese? Everyone, apparently.
  22. Sandwichland
    After Neighbor Complaints, Gunz & Bunz Returns to Being Plain Old Mike’sThe neighbors complained. Wtvr.
  23. Eatiquette
    How Many Questions Should Your Server Be Able to Answer About Where Your ChickenOr, How Not to Get All ‘Portlandia’ on Your Waiter.
  24. Quote of the Day
    Regarding the Name ‘Brassica’’I wanted the name to be related in some way to Mustards [Grill], but I knew Ketchup was not a good name.’
  25. Oeno-File
    Winery Makes ‘Honey Badger’-Style Video About GrapevinesWe’re not quite LOLing, but it’s cute.
  26. Funnies
    Just Another Noma Grocery List: Ladies, Ladles, Etc.Don’t forget the “yogurt pot lids.”
  27. Feng Shui
    Al Roker’s Wife Unaware P.F. Chang’s Commissioned a Noodle PortraitOne thing’s for sure: It won’t be hanging up chez Roker.
  28. Funnies
    Gunz & Bunz: Sandwich Shop Name of the Year, or Just a Front?The place appears to have been open a while, but the Yelpers are too scared to go in, and so are we.
  29. Funnies
    Today in Literal Restaurant NamesThere’s room for dessert, but no room for interpretation.
  30. Funnies
    Panera Bread’s Pay-What-You-Want Place Not Doing So Hot in PortlandTurns out the homeless of Portland kind of like to overstay their welcome and come back for more!
  31. Funnies
    Racist Berkeley Bake Sale Gets Taiwanese Animation TreatmentThe Taiwanese don’t really get affirmative action. It’s unclear if they get bake sales either.
  32. Crime Scenes
    Homeless Guy Makes Off With Delfina’s Crostata
  33. Photo of the Day
    Liam Mayclem Gets Licked By GiraffeAh, the indignities of local TV journalism…
  34. Eatiquette
    A Little Advice on How to Get Your Server’s Digits
  35. Lawsuits
    McDonald’s Sues Another Mac-and-Cheese RestaurantApparently no one is allowed to abbreviate macaroni anymore, says McDonald’s.
  36. Funnies
    Daily Dish Already Decorating for Dia de los MuertosThe L.A. Times’ food blog jumps the gun a little on L.A. food writers’ favorite holiday.
  37. Funnies
    Conservative Moms Want to Kick Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy BallsHumorless much?
  38. Foodievents
    Folsom Street Fair Party to Feature ‘Deviants Food Court’The afterparty at Public Works will feature a couple of food trucks this year.
  39. Funnies
    Previously Unpublished Shel Silverstein Poems Surface Featuring Hot Dogs,’Fettuccine, green linguine,/ Tortellini, Tetrazzini,/ Oops—I think I split my jeani.’
  40. Other Cities
    Former wd-50 Pastry Chef Opens All-Mayonnaise StoreOnly in Brooklyn, folks.
  41. Quote of the Day
    Mission Start-Ups Eat Too Well, Still Wish They Had Google’s Cafeteria
  42. Oeno-File
    Whither the Wine Bars of 2006?
  43. Funnies
    Bush on Cheeseburgers, and Other Amazing Food MusingsFood was poetic long before Sifton.
  44. Eatiquette
    San Francisco Nudists Asked to Please Cover Themselves In RestaurantsA proposed law would require nudists to throw a little something on before deciding to dine.
  45. Blechtacular
    Texas Chef Introduces World to Fried BubblegumThe dish won a contest to be featured at the Texas State Fair.
  46. Video Feed
    What a Waste: Tomato Battle Brings Big Gen Y Food Fight to PleasantonIt’s a battle of the bands and a food fight rolled into one.
  47. Video Feed
    ‘Father Anthony’ Bestows His Blessing on Big Gay Ice Cream ShopBourdain was there to (profanely) christen the ice creamery.
  48. Other Magazines
    Martha Stewart Does Drag for Halloween, AgainThey’ve even given her a drag name for this year’s special Halloween issue look: Motha.
  49. Funnies
    We Know Newspapers Are Struggling to Stay Afloat, But Really…One local food critic really is all wet.
  50. Video Feed
    ‘Necessary Conversation’ Gals Eat/Talk Their Way Through S.F. ChefsMostly they just talk.
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