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  1. Funnies
    Bacon Bacon Kerfuffle Lands on SNLThe S.F. restaurant’s ouster by neighbors is ripe for comedy.
  2. Funnies
    Amy Bouzaglo Becomes a MemeYep.
  3. Grub Guides
    27 Signs That You’re a Bay Area Food SnobFor instance: You’re totally the person your friends ask to translate terms like ‘chitarra’ and ‘gremolata’ on a menu.
  4. Interviews
    Michael Chiarello Says the Soundtrack to His Life Would Be ‘Highway toWho knew.
  5. Where Not to Eat
    Regarding the Scene at Chili’s in San Bruno, on Mother’s DayOnce again, Ms. Spotswood ventures where we dare not.
  6. The Other Critics
    Watch a Four-Year-Old’s Facial Responses to Mission Chinese FoodHe really hates the Tiki Pork Belly.
  7. Booze You Can Use
    Cocaine Barbies and Other Bizarre Drink Orders S.F. Bartenders Have to FieldA roundup, from Serious Eats.
  8. Funnies
    4/20 Produces a ‘River of Paper Plates’ at Upper Haight Pizza SpotPeople smoked and ate a lot on 4/20.
  9. Kerfuffles
    Richard Serra vs. Blue Bottle’s Pastry Chef: An Artistic Cookie FightThe artist did not appreciate the homage in graham cracker, ginger snap, and sable.
  10. Video Feed
    Tacos as Anti-Depressant? Sure.Should you be feeling sad, ‘Ask your doctor about tacos.’
  11. Funnies
    Fact: San Franciscans Have Many, Many Dietary Special NeedsThe Bold Italic explores them. All of them.
  12. Oeno-File
    Chinese Wine Drinkers Baffled by Western Tasting NotesEuropean fruit and food references don’t help much if you’ve never tasted them.
  13. Funnies
    Venga Empanadas Celebrates the New Argentinian Pope With a Papal Empanada
  14. Funnies
    Gorgeous Sandwich Shop Opens In Victorian-Era Men’s Room in LondonThe urinals became a dining counter.
  15. TV Land
    Leslie Sbrocco Wishes Check, Please! Could Be Less Controlled, a Little’I’d LOVE to actually be my wild, opinionated self who shows a little more cleavage, drinks wine with the guests (maybe do the occasional shot of tequila), and generally be less controlled.’
  16. Trimmings
    Here’s a Photo of the Reclaimed-Wood Wallpaper at FableIt’s a clever faux wink wink.
  17. Funnies
    L.A. Chefs Struggle To Replace Sex With FoodWolfgang Puck knows better than to step into the trap.
  18. Funnies
    California Bakery Makes ‘Kaepernicking’ Into a CakeIt’s the stuff of memes, and now desserts.
  19. Caliente Combos
    There’s a Sriracha Chocolate Bar! Here Are Fifteen Other Things We MustWe have a few ideas.
  20. Funnies
    Former Café Gratitude Employee Compares Co-Workers to Rob Lowe on ParksThey are *literally* that optimistic.
  21. Video Feed
    Watch Delfina’s Staff Have a Holiday Food FightIt’s a video greeting card from the restaurant staff.
  22. Bars
    Help the Benders Team Rename Deco Lounge, Win a Free Drink Every Day for LifeThey’ve already shot down Benderloin.
  23. Funnies
    Listen to a Dramatic Reading of That Passive-Aggressive Goodbye Letter FromA YouTuber tries to bring humor to an unfortunate situation.
  24. Marketing Gimmicks
    Jack Daniel’s Ribs for the End of the World: T.G.I. Friday’s HostingHave a Mayan Margarita and toast to the end of all things.
  25. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Wishes She ‘Had aWill he get fixed up? That is the question.
  26. Culinary Twitterings
    Ruth Bourdain’s Flat Thanksgiving Jokes Are All TurkeysConsider that shark jumped.
  27. We Don’t Actually Dislike Him
    Sonoma Wants to Disown Hometown Boy Guy Fieri TooThat Pete Wells review has set everyone on fire with Fieri hate.
  28. Quote of the Day
    Danny Bowien Reveals His Hair-Color Secrets’You have to not be afraid to f*ck up your hair, put bleach on it, let it sit for an hour, put on foil, and blow dry it.’
  29. Video Feed
    Video: Eddie Huang Does a Mini Burrito Tour of the Mission, and Then Heads toHe says the burrito at La Taqueria doesn’t quite do it for him.
  30. The Week in Sports
    Calling ‘Foul’ on Bad Kitchen Metaphors in SportsCan we agree not to call a coach “the head chef” ever again?
  31. Marketing Gimmicks
    What’s Up With This Pancho Villa Ad?It’s a naked woman rising out of some pico de gallo?
  32. Video Feed
    Listen to Newly Crowned Top Chef Master Chris Cosentino Cuss a Lot’No matter how much parsley you put on a piece of shit, it still doesn’t taste good.’
  33. Front of House
    Marina Dude Bribes Tacolicious Hostess With Two Dollars, His Digits
  34. Oeno-File
    Winemakers Mock Wine Spectator In Nerdy New Video SeriesThe first in the series features the colorful Jean-Charles Boisset of Raymond Vineyards.
  35. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Ilan Hall Cooks Velociraptor Eggs With His Bacon-Powered Time MachineThe chef’s funny fake bio gets rejected but is too priceless not to print.
  36. Funnies
    Local Drag Queen Creates Cheeto-Based Homage to Cindy ShermanIt’s a project of the Bay Guardian.
  37. Celebrity Settings
    Steve Martin and His Band Play at Wente Vineyards, and He Tweets About PaparazziThere was talk of ‘devil’s spawn.’
  38. Funnies
    Fig Chef Does a Hand-PlantFortunately, Ray Garcia is totally intact.
  39. Oeno-File
    Drink Some ‘Fcking Merlot’ Tonight at Mugsy’Sideways’ gave it a bad name, but there’s still some decent ones out there.
  40. Funnies
    Stiletto Attacker Gets Her Own Beer Stein
  41. Kerfuffles
    Meet Abby Farle, the New Facebook User Who Is Suspiciously Supportive ofDid the troubled chicken chain make her up?
  42. Funnies
    Mixologists Mocked Once Again With New Rap Song’Hey Mr. Mixologist. Did you have to go to college for this?’
  43. Let Them Eat Foie!
    Foie Gras Lady Becomes a MemeL.A. resident Karlene Bley probably doesn’t even know what a meme is.
  44. Funnies
    Behold the 4505 Meats Food PyramidIt’s a joke, people.
  45. Funnies
    Beware the Perils of Pinkberry Addiction!Watch as one man descends into a hell of Pinkberry dependency.
  46. Cookies!
    Watch Cookie Monster’s Carly Rae Jepson Spoof ‘Share It Maybe’We never really believed cookies were a “sometimes food” anyway.
  47. Celebrity Settings
    Perez Hilton Eats at French Laundry, Tweets 43 Times During DinnerThat’s one way to ruin a perfectly lovely dinner.
  48. Video Feed
    Hi Tops, S.F.’s Upcoming Gay Sports Bar, Featured on ChelseaChelsea has a few laughs about this one.
  49. Closings
    Lime Says Goodbye With One Last Sloppy BrunchThe kids partied hard one last time with some bottomless mimosas.
  50. Celebrity Settings
    John Waters Finishes Hitchhiking Trip, Hits CommonwealthHe must have been hungry for some fine S.F. eats.
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