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  1. Fronteraland
    Rick Bayless Muses on Jimmy Buffet, Bossa Nova, and The Critics He Shares WithThe singer of “Margaritaville” didn’t even order a margarita.
  2. Foodievents
    Rick Bayless Signing Books at Red O; Mark Bittman Lecturing on Food ChoicesThe two are coming back to L.A. in early November.
  3. The Happiest Hours on Earth
    Red O Embraces ‘Street’ Food for Happy HourAssessing the streety-ness of Bayless’ new discounted offerings.
  4. Fronteraland
    Now Rick Bayless Dares To Call Angelenos ‘Timid’The Chicago chef bungles an assessment of the Angeleno appetite… AGAIN!
  5. Fronteraland
    Rick Bayless Accused of Blocking Blogging Critic on TwitterIs this a real fight or just self-promotion?
  6. Chef Shuffles
    Joseph Mahon Bails Bastide; Michael Brown Blows Red OIs Brown running from bad reviews? is Mahon running from Joe Pytka?
  7. Radio Craves
    Rick Bayless Plays DJ at KCRW“Pink Martini is a lot like I am – they can sort of do anything,” the chef boasts.
  8. The Gold Watch
    It’s Heeeere! J. Gold Drops His Review On Red OThe critic isn’t slamming Bayless, but thinks his L.A. consulting gig has fairly mixed results.
  9. Fronteraland
    Bayless Appearing at Macy’s PasadenaIf you’ve missed the chef at Red O, you can catch him in the furniture department.
  10. Fronteraland
    Why Red O Has a Bouncer, Er, ‘Door Host’Will diners be deterred from the rejection?
  11. Frontera Land
    Rick Bayless’ Red O Opens May 26th on MelroseWill Bayless’ Mexican food cut it west of Chicago’s borders?
  12. Frontera Land
    What to Eat When Rick Bayless Goes WestRed O will feature a tequila selection and seasonal menus form the Chicago celeb chef.
  13. Frontera Land
    Rick Bayless Confirms Red Onion Role