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Front Of House

  1. Schadenfood
    65 Percent of Waiters Admit They Make You Wait Longer for Food If You Annoy ThemA study digs into the karma of bad customer etiquette.
  2. Front of House
    Frances Manager Patrick Tsui Departs for Spice KitThe opening GM is heading to help Spice Kit grow.
  3. Front of House
    Marina Dude Bribes Tacolicious Hostess With Two Dollars, His Digits
  4. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    The Peevish Readers of Peevish Mr. Bauer Respond With Their PeevesAlways a winning topic on the blog: restaurant pet peeves.
  5. Kerfuffles
    Drunk Marina Lady Attacks Local Restaurant Guy With Stiletto [Updated]He’s seeking her full name, and that of her ‘goon.’
  6. Front of House
    The French Laundry Gets a New General ManagerMichael Minnillo is a fourteen-year vet of the Thomas Keller Group.
  7. Lawsuits
    Big Lantern, Blue Plate, Pho Clement All Pony Up Large Overtime Settlements ForBig Lantern just paid out $239,000 in back overtime to employees.
  8. Front of House
    The French Laundry Loses a Manager to PhillyFanucci will be coming in at the once iconic restaurant as a partner.
  9. Front of House
    Will SeatMe Try to Unseat OpenTable?
  10. Eatiquette
    Is Your Server Drunk Right Now?And more to the point, does it even matter?
  11. Front of House
    Manresa Hires Front-Of-House Guy Away From Frances, Announces Citrus DinnerThis year’s Citrus Modernista dinner will be on February 26.
  12. Front of House
    Server Dishes About Naughty Customers at Keller’s Per Se
  13. Endangered
    Is Farina Circling the Drain? They’re Now Keeping Employees’ TipsThey’re keeping tips and then doling out ‘bonuses’ based on performance.
  14. Celebrity Settings
    Thomas Keller Gets Denied a Table at Frances, Heads to Bar Tartine InsteadHe tried to walk in with a party of three. No dice.
  15. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Michael Bauer Discusses Noisy Restaurants, AgainHe praises Park Tavern, however, for their sound baffling.
  16. Front of House
    Plum Kills the Communal TablesThere are now more options for two-tops.
  17. Funnies
    How Many OpenTable Accounts Do You Have?Shadier folk sign up for multiple accounts under assumed names, but they’d better remember what they all are.
  18. Rumor Mill
    Tyler Florence Parts Ways With Cory Lane