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  1. What Gaul
    English People Were On to Frogs’ Legs Thousands of Years Before the FrenchAlso on the menu: Giant cows, red deer, and hazelnuts.
  2. Rinse Before Using
    Living Frog Found Inside Bag of Wal-Mart Salad Greens Speaks OutA Florida woman says her bag of mixed greens contained a pink frog.
  3. Road Trips!
    Froggy Style: Bullfrogging in Arkansas, Cooking Like CoquiThis post is not for the squeamish.
  4. Blehtacular
    Where to Eat Frog Ovaries, Jellyfish, and CrocodileSix Taste offers only nine guests a freaky feast.
  5. Mediavore
    Ilan Hall Gets Hate Mail; Edible Frogs and Turtles BannedThe Gorbals is accused of being sacrilegious and two popular Asian delicacies are off California’s menu.
  6. Mediavore
    Farmer’s Markets Celebrate 30 Years in L.A.; Can of Pepsi Contains Frog or ToadL.A. celebrates 30 years of farmer’s markets today, while the FDA confirms a frog or toad was found in a can of Pepsi.