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Frogs’ Legs

  1. What Gaul
    English People Were On to Frogs’ Legs Thousands of Years Before the FrenchAlso on the menu: Giant cows, red deer, and hazelnuts.
  2. Leap Day
    Celebrate Leap Day With Frogs’ LegsSo chewy; so spicy!
  3. What to Eat Tonight
    Picholine Has Frogs’ Legs, and Knows How to Use ThemFrogs’ legs tend to be associated with the French and Vietnamese, but according to Craig Hopson, the chef de cuisine at Picholine, the frogs in Florida have the imported ones beaten on all counts. “They’re a lot bigger and cleaner,” he says, and tonight, he’ll be serving them (for $19) as a special at the restaurant. “Frogs’ legs don’t have much flavor on their own,” Hopson tells us, so he ups the ante by filling them with a mixture of ground frogs’ legs, bacon, and foie gras, leaving a small bone protruding to hold them with, and frying them up in tempura batter as crispy frog lollipops. The dish is served with celery kimchee, considerably cooled down from the fiery Korean kind, and a spiced aïoli. But it’s the legs themselves that really jump off the plate.