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Frito Lay

  1. shortages
    New York Is Literally Running Out of CheetosAnd Doritos, and Fritos, and lots of other junk food.
  2. so hot right now
    A Movie About Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Is in the Works — and It Actually Sounds GoodIt’s a biopic about the person who accidentally invented the greatest snack food ever made.
  3. crunch!
    The Maker of Doritos Is Developing Chips Just for Women“They don’t lick their fingers generously and they don’t like to pour the little broken pieces and the flavor into their mouth.”
  4. dangerously cheesy
    Cheetos Popcorn Is the Movie-Theater Concession Mash-up You’ve Been Waiting ForYou can buy bags at Regal Cinemas nationwide starting today.
  5. gimmicks
    Get Ready for ‘Organic’ DoritosIncidentally, they fulfill all the criteria for items sold by Whole Foods.
  6. super bowl gimmicks
    Tostitos Made a Chip Bag That Shames You for Getting DrunkIt will even call you an Uber, if things get that bad.
  7. This Is Jacked Up
    Cracker Jack Replaced Toy Prizes With QR CodesYou’ll now pull out a “one-of-a-kind mobile experience.”
  8. Accidents
    Beer Truck Crashes Into Chip TruckNobody was hurt, and junk food spilled everywhere.
  9. The Chain Gang
    Taco Bell’s First Cheetos Mash-Up Is the Height of LazinessIt’s stuffing them whole into a tiny Crunchwrap.
  10. GMOs
    Un-Bruisable GMO Potatoes Are One Small Step Away From the MarketThe FDA has given its stamp of approval.
  11. Pride
    Go Buy a Bag of These Doritos Rainbows to Support LGBT CausesThe chip-maker has partnered with the It Gets Better Project.
  12. Popularity Contest
    Get Ready for Chips That Taste Like Gyros, Biscuits, and TrufflesFrito-Lay’s new flavors actually sound pretty good.
  13. Doritofied
    Guy Who Actually Tasted Doritos-Flavored Mountain Dew: ‘Weirdest Thing“Someone at the Mountain Dew design department was getting really high.”
  14. Doritofied
    Frito-Lay Terrorizes Nation With Multi-City ‘Doritos Loaded’ MysteryIt conquers Dallas today and L.A. on Friday — after that, who knows?
  15. Golden Tickets
    Doritos Put Tickets for Gold in Its Jacked Mystery-Flavor BagsHow else to get people to eat chips that taste like “burnt cat turds”?
  16. Doritofied
    Taco Bell Testing Quesadilla Served With Crushed Flamin’ Hot FritosThe dip is the chips.
  17. Flavor Explosions
    Soon All Our Food Will Be Doritos Flavored, Whether We Like It or NotCheetos already basically are Doritos, but that doesn’t mean Frito-Lay will leave well enough alone.
  18. Doritofied
    They’re Serving Free Mountain Dew–Cured Bacon Tacos in Bryant ParkToday was the day the world learned about Tostitos “street tacos” with Kickstart Mountain Dew Chicken.
  19. Much Ado About Dew
    Our Mountain Dew Fears Are All Coming TrueTwice the caffeine, none of the soda.
  20. Doritofied
    The Doritofied Future of Chain Restaurants Begins NowChains are adding new Doritos-themed items to their menus as soon as 2015.
  21. Blame Chester
    Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Turning Children Into Thrill-Seeking Snack AddictsThat’s just sick.
  22. All Natural
    Food Industry Quietly Concedes ‘Natural’ Labels Mean NothingThey’re dropping the word from their labels, too.
  23. Crime Scenes
    Rotten Tomato Kingpin Gets Six Years In The SlammerScott Frederick Salyer’s widespread scams boosted his profits while embroiling companies like Frito-Lay and Kraft in his downfall.
  24. The Chain Gang
    Make It Stop! Now Doritos Will Launch Taco Bell-Flavored ChipsThese two are starting to resemble a couple that can’t quit with the PDA.
  25. Crime Scenes
    Crooked Tomato Kingpin Pleads GuiltyFrederick Scott Salyer faces up to twenty years for running a scheme that involved players from Kraft and Frito-Lay.
  26. The James Weird Awards
    The James Weird Awards: Lobster Looters, Phony Food Inspectors, and TacoPlus: baby ducks at Chick-fil-A, a munchies robbery, and Flava Flav’s bounced checks, all in this week’s roundup of weird restaurant news.
  27. Mediavore
    The Abbey Pays Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor; Starbucks Eyes ChinaThe departed actress once told the nightclub’s owner that it was her favorite pub.
  28. Blechtacular
    Now Frito-Lay Wants a Piece of the Pie TrendFrito Pies are a real thing, says the giant chip manufacturer.
  29. Marketing Gimmicks
    Frito-Lay Wants You to Think Tostitos Are Kind of Like FacebookA new campaign aims to bring people together.
  30. Mediavore
    Diner’s Fire Snuffs Out Camaraderie Among Its Regulars; Frito-Lay RevampsPlus scientists map the cacao genome, and a look back on food trends shows the artisinal movement could soon be over, all in our morning news roundup.
  31. Crime Scenes
    Criminal Misdeeds Catch Up with Cali Tomato IndustryA major investigation is launched into illegal produce practices.
  32. Mediavore
    Peerless Coffee Still Unmatched; Julio Chavez Plans Knockout Restaurant
  33. Mediavore
    Julio Cesar Chavez Enters The Restaurant Ring; Whole Foods’ Sales Pick UpA boxing champ becomes a restaurateur and a health food mega-store has a good end to a rough year.
  34. Mediavore
    Will Schrager Ban Batali? Coat Checks Chill During RecessionPlus: NYC’s first female master sommelier, and how to boil pasta, all in our morning news roundup.