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Fried Fish

  1. the dish
    Atla’s Fish Milanese Is a Sleeper SensationIt’s deceptively simple, yet transcendent — a neighborhood-restaurant dish in spirit, but one wholly worth leaving your neighborhood for.
  2. the dish
    Untitled’s Lettuce Wrap Is a Fish Taco So Good It Doesn’t Need a TortillaIt’s chef de cuisine Suzanne Cupps’s favorite item on the menu.
  3. climate change
    Climate Change Could Mean the End of Fish and ChipsCod and other species are fleeing rising temperatures.
  4. Closings
    Judge Rules Pier 17 Mall’s Last Remaining Restaurant Must LeaveHere’s one last look.
  5. Fried Fish
    Dwindling Cod Supply Casts Doubt on the Future of Fish and ChipsNext thing you know, scientists will be calling for tartar-sauce control.