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Fried Chicken

  1. Chain Gang
    Pollo Campero Is Coming to TrentonThe new location of Latin fried and grilled chicken chain is the closest one to Philly.
  2. It's A Wrap
    Will the Sox Eat Wraps in the Dugout This Year?Bobby Valentine just might have invented the wrap.
  3. Closings
    Chicken.Org Shuts DownThe all-organic and all glatt kosher chicken joint closed.
  4. FYI
    Ravenous Crowds Crash the Federal Donuts WebsiteThe donuts and fried chicken shop continues struggling to keep up with its eager audience.
  5. Menus
    Mark Gold Starts Clucking Again at Eva$20 all-you-can-eat fried chicken will be paired with ten dollar cocktails.
  6. Rumor Mill
    The Federal Donuts Frenzy ContinuesThe donuts and chicken keep moving fast.
  7. Fried Chicken
    Maybe There’s Something to the Red Sox Fried Chicken Rumor After AllTerry Francona, it’s not all your fault.
  8. Spot Check
    Spot Check: Federal DonutsFolks filed in steadily this morning to get their first tastes of the new spot’s donuts and coffee.
  9. Coffee Talk
    Federal Donuts Passes on Stumptown CoffeeThe donuts and chicken joint is going with a custom coffee blend from a different roaster.
  10. Vices
    Were the Red Sox Brought Down by Too Much Fried Chicken?Junk food and beer are blamed for the Red Sox’s downfall.
  11. Food Politics
    Obama-Branded Chinese Chicken Joint Angers Al SharptonObama Fried Chicken in Beijing features a carton Obama head on Colonel Sanders’s body.
  12. The Other Critics
    Virbila Picks Five Fried Chickens; Gold Gorges at Ink.SackThe L.A. Times critic goes high-end while scoping out the city’s best golden bird.
  13. Food Science
    You’re Physically Incapable of Resisting Fried ChickenResearch says fat and salt trigger the same reactions in our brains that hard drugs do.
  14. Coming Soon
    Burger.Org Begets Chicken.OrgThe new all-organic restaurant will focus on fried and rotisserie chicken.
  15. Mediavore
    School District Will Shut Down Kitchens at Three-Quarters of the City’sPlus: Someone wrote an article about minimizing the environmental impact of Fourth of July celebrations; and 70-year-old Brit pop star Cliff Richard cooks fried chicken in Memphis, all in our morning news roundup.
  16. Mediavore
    Brains Are Better than Brawn in the Bouncer Game; Flavor Flav Sued Over FriedPlus: Hilary Clinton urges action of rising food costs; and Vietnamese food is the next big thing in London, all in our morning news roundup.
  17. Food Tour
    Southern Chef John Besh Picks New York’s Best Newfangled Fried ChickenA tour of the city’s fried fowl — and a surprise winner!
  18. Menu Changes
    Birds of a Feather Fry Together AgainTwo of the city’s crispiest and crunchiest fried chickens are back.
  19. Menus
    Walter Manzke Enters The Chef-Driven Fried Chicken ThunderdomeCould Manzke’s fried chicken become a contender for L.A.’s top bird?
  20. Coming Soon
    Federal Donuts Promises a Summer Full of Donuts and… Fried Chicken?The new joint venture will serve donuts in the morning and fried chicken in the afternoon and evening.
  21. Menus
    Another French Chef Tackles Fried Chicken in L.A.Laurent Quenioux plans a weekly all-you-can-eat fried chicken dinner with Southern influences from both France and the U.S.
  22. Closings
    Mono + Mono Midtown Will Indeed CloseA rep for the Korean-fried-chicken restaurant confirmed the rumors to Grub Street.
  23. Menu Changes
    After Kandy Kake Sliders Levin Eyes Waffle-Fried ChickenThe Kandy Kake sliders were just the start of menu updates at Adsum.
  24. Wingin' It
    Mono + Mono Looking to ExpandOwner MJ Chung revealed he’s seeking space for an even-more-awesome chicken and jazz (plus karaoke) joint.
  25. Menu Changes
    Resurrection Ale House Clips Its Bird’s WingsCould this be the end of Philly’s new found fascination with fried chicken?
  26. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    After Top Chef Jennifer Carroll Is Happy to Get Back to WorkThe chef’testant is bummed about going home early, but happy to be back to a normal life.
  27. Fried Chicken
    Garces Enters the Fried Chicken FrayThe Iron Chef’s prized bird is a crunchy, gooey and spicy hot mess of a contender.
  28. Wingin' It
    Are We Nuts, Or Is Crazy for Chicken Ripping Off Mad for Chicken?What is it about fried chicken that brings to mind losing one’s marbles?
  29. Menus
    Khyber Pass Pub Begins Serving Food TomorrowWhile the official grand opening isn’t until next week, Old City’s last bastion of cool begins serving a preview menu and daily specials tomorrow.
  30. Truckin'
    LudoTruck: No Longer For Private Eyes OnlyThe truck now makes rounds through L.A., with a healthier chicken sandwich.
  31. Burgers
    Carmellini, Katie Lee, Rachael Ray Discuss What Will Be the Next Burger atKatie Lee votes tacos, Rachael Ray thinks “the hot dog is already sexy.” Plus a closer look at the evening’s burgers.
  32. Openings
    First Look at Lowcountry, Bar Blanc’s Decidedly Southern SuccessorBar Blanc’s successor is decidedly southern, with dishes like bourbon-cider-glazed pork chops and banana-bread pudding.
  33. Openings
    Hill Country Chicken Brings the Texas Hand Roll to New YorkChicken tenders, coleslaw, sesame seeds, crushed almonds, and hot-pepper jelly wrapped in a flour tortilla? Good gracious.
  34. What to Eat
    Xiao Ye Goes ‘ABC Diner’ With Cheetos Fried ChickenAlso on the Fall twisted-comfort-food menu: a grilled-cheese sandwich with mozarella and gochujang, a fried-tofu-and-honey-ham-hock toasted mantou sandwich, and Scotch Bonnet Sloppy Joes.
  35. Openings
    Out of the Shadows: New Freemans Diner Gets a NameTaavo Somer’s Freemans offshoot is a lighter, brighter space with soda-fountain drinks and serious fried chicken.
  36. The Other Critics
    Two Takes on Kraftwork; Tap House Turns Out Food That’s on Par With its BeerRounding up the region’s restaurant reviews.
  37. The Other Critics
    LaBan Gives El Rey Two Ringy-Dingies; Nichols Finds a New Fried Chicken FavoriteRounding up the region’s restaurant reviews.
  38. The Other Critics
    Virbila Finds Chaya Venice Better Than Before; Gold Still Gaga for GuelaguetzaChef Yuichi Natori steps up the seafood at a popular beachside sushi spot, while a K-Town Mexican legend now has a huge screen to go with its famous moles.
  39. Menus
    What to Eat at Campanile’s Southern Fried-Chicken DinnerMark Peel pairs his legendary comfort dish with a summer side and Georgia peach cobbler.
  40. The Underground Gourmet
    Stephen Tanner Gets Back in the Fried-Chicken BusinessIt’s scorching hot and juicy with a craggy, ultracrisp crust that crackles resoundingly when you bite into it — the croissant of fried chickens.
  41. Superlatives
    Huck Runs Plum Out of Pluck After Bon App StoryA magazine article boosts sales to unseen levels.
  42. Fever for Lefebvre
    Could ‘Colonel’ Ludo Be Coming Back This Summer?Ludo Lefebvre gives a sneak peak into the next incarnation of his fried chicken empire.
  43. Pop-ups
    Fried-Chicken Pop-up on Wheels Is a ‘Viral Party Experience’Dante Gonzales isn’t just serving his fried chicken at music-industry parties anymore; he’s now delivering.
  44. Temporary Closings
    Kyochon Closes for RetrainingPlus, should you have to hold a germ conduit before palming fried chicken?
  45. Openings
    Chicken Nuggets: Pies-N-Thighs, Kyochon, and BonChon on John OpenWhat to eat at the long-anticipated new location of Pies-N-Thighs.
  46. Dueling Recipes
    Ludo Lefebvre and Eric Greenspan to Duel Fried Chicken RecipesThe Foundry on Melrose will welcome the LudoBites chef for one night to celebrate Southern roots.
  47. Lefebvre Fever
    ‘Colonel’ Ludo Hauls His Fried Chicken to Street Food FestThe Street Food Festival will find a famous French chef cooking from a truck.
  48. Openings
    St. Marks Loses One KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), Gains AnotherBBQ Chicken is gone, but Kyedong is coming.
  49. Openings
    The Blue Whale Jazz Bar Beaches in Little TokyoA menu of Korean bar food is as artful as the architecture.
  50. Openings
    Chicken Nuggets: Bon Chon Opens Two New Ones; Kyochon May Open Next MonthPlus, Korean tacos!
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