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Fried Chicken

  1. expansions
    Fried-Chicken Maven Charles Gabriel Plans a Citywide ChainHis investors include an operating partner of Daniel Boulud’s restaurant group.
  2. first taste
    Pecking House’s Chinese Fried ChickenA poultry pop-up with secret passwords.
  3. end times
    KFC Gives America Just Four Days to Prepare for the EndThe chain announces it will unleash its doughnut-and-chicken sandwich nationwide on February 24.
  4. food fight
    Popeyes Sandwich Return Confirms America Is on the BrinkDrive-through lines were 30 cars deep.
  5. come on
    America Continues Free Fall With KFC’s Doughnut Chicken SandwichesEh.
  6. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Fried Chicken in New YorkThe definitive list of fried chicken in NYC, from Japanese karaage to Nashville-style hot, and everything in between.
  7. the chain gang
    The First Manhattan Jollibee Will Finally Open This MonthThe Filipino fast-food favorite is known for its fried chicken.
  8. trendlet
    There’s a Lot of Great New Fried Chicken in New York Right NowServed hot, cold, and haute.
  9. the dish
    Momofuku Ko Bar Proves Cold Fried Chicken Can Be Just As Good As HotAt Dave Chang’s new à la carte annex to Momofuku Ko proper, it’s served by the piece and straight from the fridge.
  10. wine pairings
    Here’s Why Fried Chicken and Champagne Are Perfect TogetherThe ultimate symbiosis of grease and acid.
  11. bittman’s kitchen
    This Fried Chicken Is the Easiest, and Best, I’ve Ever MadeIt just requires care, and a few simple tricks.
  12. coming soon
    David Chang’s Bringing Fuku to the Financial DistrictIt’s only a matter of time before he takes his fried-chicken concept national.
  13. Philly’s Famed Federal Donuts Will Be Available in NYC for One Day OnlyOn September 9.
  14. the chain gang
    Someone Probably Just Revealed Colonel Sanders’s Top-Secret KFC RecipeThe colonel’s nephew showed a reporter a scrapbook that had a list of “11 spices.”
  15. Openings
    Bobwhite Brings Its Fried Chicken to the West VillageAs well as its grilled Pimento cheese, sweet tea, and pecan-pie bread pudding.
  16. Timelines
    How New York City Hit Its Crispy-Chicken-Sandwich Saturation PointFrom the original McChicken to Fuku, Shake Shack, and beyond.
  17. Openings
    Surprise! David Chang’s Opening Fuku+ in Midtown TodayHis expanded menu includes salt-and-pepper shrimp, a Sichuan-pork flatbread, and large-format dinners.
  18. The Chain Gang
    Man Who Brought KFC to England Admits the Food Is Now ‘Dreadful’“The company has ruined the product.”
  19. The Chain Gang
    Everything We Know About Fuku, David Chang’s New Fried-Chicken RestaurantThe New York outpost will likely be the first of many.
  20. Fowl Balls
    Restaurant Defends Its Very Obvious Penis Logo“Our designer created a d and b for ‘dirty bird’ then pushed them together to make a cockerel.”
  21. Expansons
    Pies ’n’ Thighs Headed to Canal StreetThe Lower East Side is countrified.
  22. Coming Soon
    Suvir Saran’s San Francisco Restaurant Opens This FallDevi was the first Indian restaurant in the U.S. to earn a Michelin star.
  23. Openings
    Hill Country Opens in Downtown BrooklynBring on the P-cheese sandwiches.
  24. Soft Openings
    Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken Is Giving Out Free Food Right NowSo excited, so excited, so scared!
  25. Grub Guides
    New York’s New Wave of Fried Chicken: 14 Birds, Ranked by CostA single wing at Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken costs $1.75, while the Butterfly is charging $23 for a platter.
  26. Openings
    What to Eat at Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, Opening on Monday in the East VillageFried wings, griddled Cordon Bleu burgers, and buttered toast.
  27. Look Who’s Popping Up
    David Katz Pops Up at American Sardine Bar Today to Revive Mémé’s FriedBetter clock out for lunch early.
  28. Where There’s Smoke
    Two-Alarm Fire Breaks Out at Mono + Mono in the East VillageThe vinyl collection is safe.
  29. Menu Changes
    Supper Rolling Out Late Night Happy Hours, ‘Mostly Meatless’Scratch Biscuits, fried chicken and diner-inspired comfort dishes will be offered as menu additions each week.
  30. Empire Building
    Holey Expansion!!!: Federal Donuts Expects to Open 10 Locations by 2015That means there will be a Federal Donuts on every corner by 2020.
  31. Openings
    Blue Ribbon Opening Standalone Fried Chicken RestaurantFried chicken in the E. Vill.
  32. Openings
    Federal Donuts Opens Ahead of Schedule in Center CityThe doughnuts and fried chicken crew decided yesterday they were ready for business today.
  33. Whoppers for All
    Baghdad Burgers: Fast Food Gaining Popularity in IraqLook out for Burger Friends, Pizza Boat, and something called KFG.
  34. Beer
    Can the Red Sox Drink Beer Again?“The Red Sox had a chance over the winter … to sweep out the problem children, and jettison the “I Like Beer” backup singers to parts unknown,” one reporter laments.
  35. Mile High
    Flavor Flav Hijacks Plane P.A. to Plug Fried Chicken Joint“Fried chicken over waffles … yeeeeah, G.”
  36. Menu Changes
    Supper Rolls Out a Tuesday Fried Chicken Special and New Summer MenusThe South Street restaurant is serving its fried chicken every Tuesday night.
  37. Menus
    A-Frame Introduces AYCE Fried Chicken, Starting July 14Roy Choi says he’s been perfecting a recipe from his days spent cooking in the South.
  38. Openings
    Learn More, Ah Say Learn More About Leghorn, the Nellcôte Team’s New ChickenThe story behind the new fried chicken joint from the Nellcôte guys.
  39. Hot Hot Hot
    Hot Stuff: Today’s Scorcher Takes Its Toll on Ice Cream and Fried ChickenIf you can’t take the heat…
  40. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Essaywhuman?!!!??! Questlove to Rock Night MarketCool Quest is bringing his fried chicken and mush more to the next Night Market.
  41. Fried Chicken
    Thomas Keller Finally Bringing Ad Hoc Fried Chicken to New York This SundayIt’s a Father’s Day special from Bouchon.
  42. FYI
    Questlove Teaming Up with Graham ElliotGet ready for Quest Loves Food Powered by Graham Elliot, debuting next month.
  43. Fried Chicken
    Inky Critic Craig LaBan Says Believe the Hype About FederalThe donut maker fries one of the city’s best birds.
  44. Menu Changes
    Why’s David Katz Serving Thursday’s Fried Chicken Tonight at Mémé?The Thursday lunchtime special is all that’s on the menu tonight.
  45. Beer Me
    But What About Fried Chicken?The Red Sox won’t be swilling beer in the clubhouse this season.
  46. To-Go
    Bouchon Offering Ad Hoc’s Fried Chicken To-GoLook out Colonel Sanders!
  47. Mediavore
    Acme Markets to Cut 800 More Jobs; Say Hello to South African Fried ChickenPlus: savoring every bite keeps French woman from getting fat; and people are still leery of genetically modified salmon, all in our morning news roundup.
  48. Fried Chicken
    Federal Donuts Puts Out Its Entire Fried Flock TodayFor the first time, the shop is offering all four varieties of fried chicken all at the same time.
  49. The Other Critics
    The Grey Lady Totally Digs Federal DonutsThe Times critic is a believer.
  50. Closings
    Say So Long to RoostThe owners of the chicken take-out joint hope to re-open elsewhere.
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