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Friday Funnies

  1. Friday Funnies
    This Is What We’ll Be Armed With When the Rapture Goes Down TomorrowRifles full of booze.
  2. Friday Funnies
    April Fools’! BaconAir, Vegan Burgers, Toast Joints, and Pizza PranksA rundown of today’s April Fools’ Day hoaxes.
  3. Friday Funnies
    And Now, Chef Daniel Boulud Chugging KetchupThe latest one for the Boulud scrapbook.
  4. Friday Funnies
    And Now, Daniel Boulud in a Ferrari JumpsuitDaniel Boulud rides shotgun at the Ferrari Challenge Race.
  5. Friday Funnies
    Fish-Guts Hilarity, Courtesy of Morimoto and Iron Chef JapanIt was only a matter of time: The folks at Iron Chef Japan have recorded a parody of “Turning Japanese.”