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French Dip

  1. trendlet
    Why Chefs Can’t Resist Reviving the French DipIt’s not just a sandwich, it’s sandwich fondue.
  2. Burger Slights
    Shake Shack Needs to Sell Its New French-Dip Burgers in NYC, TooThere is just no reason why the Roadside Double should be an L.A. exclusive.
  3. Strip Search
    Strip Search: Sepulveda Blvd. & Washington Place, Culver CityWhere to find gringo tacos, tongue tortas, and a different kind of vintage French dip in Culver City.
  4. Previews
    Fairfax Getting The Fat DogSirloin hot dogs and a pork belly french dip are coming from Montrose and chef John Gladish.
  5. Reopenings
    Philippe Gets Back to Dippin’A Downtown classic reopens following a health code violation.
  6. Roach Rage
    Cucarachas Cause Closure at Classic PhillipeThe classic French dip restaurant has been given 48 hours to clean up its insect infestation.