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Frederick’s Downtown

  1. Openings
    A First Look at Zero Latitude, Where South Williamsburg Meets South AmericaA new café has culinary aspirations: risotto con pollo?
  2. Mediavore
    Food Critics in Barbecue Brawl; Chez Le Chef to ShutterPlus: Frederick’s Downtown gets sued, in our morning news roundup.
  3. The Other Critics
    Déjà Vu: Toqueville, Tasting Room, Frederick’s, and PeriyaliBruni visits the bigger-but-not-better new locations of the Tasting Room and Tocqueville, taunting them with the same number of stars (one and two, respectively) Grimes gave their old locations. [NYT] Meehan turns his nose up at BLT Burger, agreeing with Augieland’s earlier assessment that the Kobe sandwich isn’t worth the extra $50 — and pointing out that you can get a better burger at BLT Fish. [NYT] Moira Hodgson eyes the beautiful people (well, beautiful bankers) at Frederick’s Downtown and finds the food (including the “dish of the moment,” scallops with cauliflower and white raisins) makes up for the pounding techno. [NYO]