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Freddy Smalls

  1. Mixocalypse
    St. Pat’s at Freddy SmallsThe restaurant will introduce house-made corned beef sandwiches and a new cocktail called the Shillelagh.
  2. Mixocalypse
    Bartender Johan Stein Replaces Dave Fleisher at Freddy SmallsThe Venice local has a full new menu, but is sticking to simple aesthetics.
  3. Menus
    What to Eat at Freddy Smalls’ Society Pig Dinner, This Sunday in West L.A.Charlie Parker’s using a whole pig in dishes like pork cheek ragout and a bacon and date cake.
  4. Let’s Do Brunch
    Fried Brussels Sprouts, It’s What’s For Sunday Brunch at Freddy SmallsThe menu also includes morning cocktails like an iced coffee and pickled peach Bellinis.
  5. Coming Soon
    Jeremy Fox Opening Barnyard in VeniceThe former Ubuntu chef promises “peasant cuisine,” which will probably be sold to rich people.
  6. Booze News
    Freddy Smalls Sports New Summer CocktailsDavid Fleischer’s new drinks include a pickled peach Old Fashioned and a Mulberry Shrub Pimm’s Cup.
  7. The Other Critics
    Sherry Seduced by Freddy Smalls; Besha Meets Hoodie Brigade at Mother DoughL.A. Weekly’s new critic throws out a tired Portlandia joke and receives a nasty online comment.
  8. The Happiest Hours on Earth
    Freddy Smalls Launches Happy HourThe discounted drinks still seem to be a draw over the edible selections.
  9. Fox Hunt
    Jeremy Fox Settles in Los Feliz, Has New Line of ‘Fine Foods’L.A. reminds the chef of his hometown of Atlanta, making it a natural fit for his next move.
  10. User’s Guide
    Where to O.D. on Corned Beef Sliders, Green Drinks, and Street Parties on SaintWhich local restaurants and bars are vying for your green this Saturday?
  11. The Other White Meat
    Pig Ears: They’re What’s For Late-Night BreakfastFreddy Smalls serves a pig ear, bacon, and egg sandwich on its late-night menu.