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Franklin Barbecue

  1. terrible news
    Franklin Barbecue, America’s Best Smokehouse, Has Closed After Catching FireNobody was hurt, but the owner says he isn’t sure when they’ll reopen.
  2. Worth The Wait
    Craziest Facts About Franklin Barbecue’s LineNot even Kanye gets to cut.
  3. Roadfood
    President Obama Continues His Tour of America’s Best Barbecue JointsHe also had a Bud Light.
  4. Power Moves
    Obama Cut the Line at America’s Most Famous Barbecue JointHe made good on it, though, and bought food for the people who had been waiting.
  5. There’s the Rub
    Austin’s Franklin Barbecue Pops Up in New York; Mighty Quinn’sSmoke gets in your eyes.
  6. Foodievents
    Austin Barbecue King Aaron Franklin Hits Hill Country for One NightHe’ll be selling his signature brisket for three hours on Sunday.
  7. Mediavore
    Win Dinner With President Barack Obama; Rush Limbaugh Pushes TeaThe loudmouthed conservative has a new brand to hawk called Two If By Tea.