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Francis Ford Coppola

  1. Celebrity Settings
    Anne Hathaway Parties at Eveleigh; Jessica Chastain Reveals Boyfriend at Fig &While the nominees mingled, Christina Aguilera took her opportunity to chow down at In-N-Out.
  2. Oeno-File
    Coppola Releases His First Rubicon Wine Under the Inglenook LabelThe storied, defunct brand is finding new life under Coppola’s direction.
  3. Oeno-File
    Coppola to Revive Renowned Inglenook Label, Napa’s ‘PremierThe label, associated with jug wine since the 60s, was once known as the finest American red wine.
  4. Lawsuits
    Francis Ford Coppola Sues Marin Restaurant Over Use of Common Italian Term,The ‘Godfather’ director is not a fan of Tavola restaurant.
  5. Oeno-File
    ‘Wine Enthusiast’ Launches Mandarin Edition; ‘Pimpnho’Plus an interview with pioneering female winemaker Merry Edwards.
  6. Oeno-File
    Sonoma Winemaker to Be Next Bachelor; U.S. Wine Sales Up, EspeciallyAnd Coppola’s big “winery park” in Sonoma is still going strong.
  7. Fire Damage
    Coppola Restaurant Temporarily Shutters After Chimney FireThe restaurant is expected to reopen tonight.
  8. The Other Critics
    Bauer Likes the View, Only Kind of Likes Food at Coppola’s New RestaurantBauer files the first formal review of Rustic.
  9. Lists
    The Big Coppola Mega-Winery, Plus Several More ‘Low-Key Charms’ toCoppola arriving in the neighborhood doesn’t exactly mean quiet, off-the-beaten path wine tasting.
  10. Openings
    Coppola Talks Rusticity, AuthenticityThe restaurant within the new Coppola winery in Geyserville opens today.
  11. Celebrity Settings
    Mammarella’s, the Napa Lunch Spot Coppola Opened Just for HimselfThe food-loving auteur needed a new place to eat that was near his office, so he opened one in an office park.
  12. Mediavore
    Yao Ming Speaks Against Shark Fin Soup; 55,000 Cases of Coppola Wine RuinedAn NBA star protests a popular food back home and a famous director’s wine company is suing a bottle maker in Napa.
  13. Mediavore
    Sonic Drives In to New York Area; Hare Krishnas Want You to Adopt a CowPlus: Iron City leaves Pittsburgh, and Francis Ford Coppola multitasks, all in our morning news roundup.