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  1. achievements
    French Madman Breaks Intense Pizza RecordIt is literally the world’s cheesiest pie.
  2. innovations
    I Want to Eat in the Weird French LampshadesIn fact, I am desperate to eat in the weird French lampshades.
  3. french stuff
    Michelin Guide Demotes Paul Bocuse’s Restaurant to Two Measly StarsThe restaurant had received three stars, the guide’s highest rating, for more than five decades straight.
  4. international intrigue
    France Is Rallying to Save Its Cherished, Endangered CafésPresident Emmanuel Macron will launch a $165 million effort of help struggling small-town bistros.
  5. fancy diners
    Everything You Need to Know About Mirazur, the ‘Best’ Restaurant in the WorldAnd why you don’t need to lose your mind over this particular list.
  6. lists
    Here Are the ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ for 2019The always-controversial ranking of restaurants arrives — and Noma isn’t No. 1.
  7. lists
    French Chef Literally Cannot Get Rid of Michelin StarsSébastien Bras tried to relinquish his Michelin stars. The restaurant guide gave him some anyway.
  8. wine war
    Trump Now Mad About Wine Prices or SomethingAn early morning tweet targets the wines of France.
  9. legends
    How Joël Robuchon Became the Most Influential Chef in the WorldThe French chef’s rise to prominence was marked by outsider status and a flair for mixing the old with the new.
  10. food fight
    French Butchers Want ‘Militant Vegans’ to Stop Attacking Their ShopsThey claim their businesses are being vandalized.
  11. state dinner
    Trump’s First State Dinner Won’t Feature Big Macs or Overcooked SteakThe Trumps and the Macrons will dine on goat-cheese salad and rack of lamb.
  12. lawsuits
    Waiter Fired for Excessive Rudeness Says He Was Just Being ‘French’He complains it’s discrimination to call his behavior “aggressive, rude, and disrespectful.”
  13. food fights
    France May Ban Food Discounts Following Its Nutella RiotsMore fallout after a grocery chain’s hazelnut-spread sale went awry.
  14. michelin guide
    The Michelin Guide Will Allow a Famed French Chef to Forfeit His StarsIt’s the first time it’s happened in the guidebook’s history.
  15. France Descends Into Chaos Over Nutella SalesHazelnut riots hit Paris.
  16. rip
    How Paul Bocuse Became the Most Legendary Chef in FranceAn icon in his home country, Paul Bocuse was considered to be a culinary god by chefs around the world.
  17. news you can booze
    Famous Liquor Store Says French Bandits Stole $800,000 Worth of Fine WhiskeyThe heist included a 1960 Karuizawa, the world’s oldest Japanese single malt.
  18. red alert
    France Is on the Brink of a Major Croissant CrisisThe country simply doesn’t have enough butter.
  19. this is very french
    France Now Has 24-Hour Oyster Vending MachinesWho said the French were no longer culinary innovators?
  20. lawsuits
    Woman Sues Disneyland Paris After Getting Burned by a Crème-Brûlée TorchYikes.
  21. lobsters
    Macron Will Make Trump Eat Lobster and Caviar While He’s in ParisThey’ll dine out at Alain Ducasse’s Eiffel Tower restaurant this week.
  22. rip
    The Life and Legacy of Alain Senderens, the ‘Picasso of French Cooking’The celebrated chef passed away this week at the age of 77.
  23. rip
    Legendary French Chef Alain Senderens Has DiedHe’s credited as one of the pioneers of Nouevelle cuisine.
  24. terrible things
    Here’s How an Exploding Whipped-Cream Dispenser Can Kill YouThe accident that killed a French fitness model has happened before.
  25. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Forced to Give French People Forks and Knives With BurgersBut you have to buy the $15 “top-of-the-line” sandwich.
  26. whoops
    Roadside Diner in France Wins Michelin Star by MistakeThe restaurant has been “swamped” ever since.
  27. animal welfare
    French Parliament Passes Bill Requiring Slaughterhouses to Install CamerasIn response to a report that showed widespread animal cruelty in the country’s abattoirs.
  28. climate change
    France Will Ban Plastic Forks and PlatesThe law goes into effect in 2020.
  29. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Opened an Entire Restaurant That Doesn’t Serve BurgersA new location in Paris does away with Big Macs in favor of club sandwiches and coffee.
  30. coke business
    Police Found $56 Million Worth of Actual Coke at Coca-Cola FactoryLet the conspiracy theories begin.
  31. bad moves
    French Restaurant Kicks Out Veiled Women Because ‘All Muslims Are Terrorists’The chef was caught on video saying, ”I don’t want people like you at my place. Full stop.”
  32. news you can booze
    ‘Wine Terrorists’ Flooded a French Town With 10,000 Gallons of VinoNotorious shadow group CRAV calls it an “act of sabotage” to protest cheap Spanish wine.
  33. Crime Scene
    Robbers Hold Up McDonald’s Full of French Special ForcesThe two-bit criminals picked a store where 11 of France’s most elite police were dining.
  34. Rude Customers
    French Cafés Are Charging Extra for Rude BehaviorDemanding “a coffee” can cost five times more than saying, “Hello, a coffee please.”
  35. L’Affaire Pizza
    Hamburgers and Pizza Are Quickly Becoming France’s Top-Selling DishesAnd the country’s gastronomes are worried.
  36. Food Waste
    The French Are Being Forced to Embrace Doggy BagsA new law, intended to curb food waste, requires restaurants to provide them.
  37. Food Waste
    Of Course France Has a Power Plant That Runs on CheeseLeftover Beaufort produces enough electricity to power a small village for a year.
  38. The Chain Gang
    Burger King Is Encroaching on France’s Halal MarketIt will scrub pork from the menu of a smaller chain that it just bought.
  39. Lists
    A New Computer Algorithm Ranked the World’s Best Restaurants“… the first and the only restaurant ranking based on transparent, objective and verifiable criteria.”
  40. The Chain Gang
    One Way for McDonald’s to Improve Business: Sell DrugsOne location in France had a drive-through marijuana business.
  41. Sharing Economy
    French Chefs Are Apparently Terrified of Private Supper ClubsA major restaurant union in Paris says bistros will close as a result.
  42. Lawsuits
    France Fined Someone $8,000 for Writing a Bad Review of an Unopened RestaurantIt’s hard for the food to be “very overrated” when it wasn’t even being served yet.
  43. Environment
    Nutella-Maker Swears Its Delicious Hazelnut Spread Isn’t That BadThe French ecology minister is urging people to stop eating the hazelnut spread.
  44. Food Waste
    France Makes It Illegal for Supermarkets to Throw Out Their FoodOwners could face prison time if they don’t donate unsold items to charity.
  45. Message on a Bottle
    Nutella Bans Lesbian, Jewish, and Lots of Other Words FromThe company may have gone overboard trying to keep messages polite.
  46. Goo Goo Ga Ga
    French Judge Rules It’s Not Okay to Name Your Kid ‘Nutella’Too much “mockery or disobliging remarks” is at stake.
  47. Followings
    52 Gorgeous Photos From Chef Alain Passard’s Truly Excellent Twitter FeedHe exclusively posts food porn.
  48. Barbaric Yelp
    French Chefs Launched a Petition to Ban Negative Online ReviewsMore than 1,700 people have signed it.
  49. Seal Of Approval
    French Chefs Now Have ‘Homemade’ Label to Shame Kitchens WithAs many as a third of restaurants buy into the factory-frozen trend.
  50. Bread or Alive
    French People Turn a Cold Shoulder to Old-School BaguettesConsumption is on the all-around decline, and bread experts fear the worst.
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