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  1. Closings
    Fraiche Finally Folds in Santa MonicaThe restaurant had a slow but steady demise after initial raves when Jason Travi was in the kitchen.
  2. Empire Building
    P.S. 310 Taking Over Culver City’s Fraiche Space in NovemberThe beer-centered gastro-pub comes from the founder of Grill on the Alley.
  3. Deals
    Fraiche Fleeing Culver City With Food FiresaleThe restaurant confirms it’s going to be replaced by a Public School concept like the one Downtown.
  4. Empire Building
    Culver City’s Fraiche Being Replaced by Public SchoolMore surprisingly, the Santa Monica location of Fraiche is still in existence.
  5. Menus
    Check Out Ben Bailly’s First Menu For Cliff’s EdgeThe former Petrossian executive chef plans a shifting menu of Mediterranean roots and sterling product.
  6. Television
    Fraiche Stars on ‘Curbed’Fraiche Santa Monica could use a boost, but it might not come from this recent “Curbed Your Enthusiasm.”
  7. Neighborhood Watch
    Ben Bailly Bails Fraiche; Red Medicine Throws Out Lunch ServiceThe former Petrossian chef goes into catering, though we can’t imagine he won’t return to restaurants.
  8. Look Who’s Popping Up
    It’s Not a Fight: Fraiche Teams Chefs Up For Rustic MondaysBenjamin Bailly and Ricardo Zarate prepare to cook side-by-side this month.
  9. The Other Critics
    Virbila Takes Fraiche Down a Peg; J. Gold Drinks In L.A.’s Best CocktailsBrad A. Johnson also takes a look at the refreshed Fraiche, with much nicer things to say than The L.A. Times.
  10. Chef Shuffles
    Meet Bastide’s New Chef, Sydney Hunter IIIIf he spends as much time on the food as he does on his goatee, he might actually make it more than the usual handful of months.
  11. Sam’s Club
    More Rumored Reinvention Turning Fraiche Santa Monica StaleThe latest rumor includes the possible involvement of SBE. Groan!
  12. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Dominique Crenn, El Bulli Vet, Manzke, and Jason Travi Coming to Last Days ofThe days are numbered for L.A.’s pop-up phenomenon, but a great line-up is providing its swan song.
  13. The Other Critics
    Gold Deposits 99 Essential Eats for 2010; Virbila Enjoys The YardGold drops a few big names from his annual list of must-eats, while L.A. Times likes The Yard, but still gives it just one-and-a-half stars.
  14. Chef Shuffles
    Ben Bailly Steps in To Refresh FraicheThe Petrossian chef could reinvigorate a restaurant that’s lost its dazzle after losing its founding chef.
  15. Foodies With Benefits
    Where To Win Thousands of Dollars in Free Food From The Hand of J. GoldThe L.A. Weekly critic will pick one winner for 52 different restaurants gift-certificates to support The Virgina Project.
  16. Mediavore
    Food Can Permanently Change Body Odor; Where To Find Thumb LollipopsA study of garlic and asparagus reveals eating’s effect on your smell, while Google Patents include some strange new food recipes.
  17. Neighborhood Watch
    Jason Travi Joins O.C.’s Mesa; Forty Fish Found Dead in Echo Park LakeThe former Fraiche chef debuts a new menu in Costa Mesa and a mysterious tragedy befalls carp.
  18. Benefits
    Fraiche Partners with Heal the BayMembers get a 20% discount and all proceeds go to gala Back to the Beach Dinner.
  19. Chef Shuffle
    Jason Travi Goes to Work with Jeffrey BestThe former chef at Fraiche returns from his sabbatical.
  20. Foodievents
    Fraiche Debuts New Bar Tonight with ‘Entourage’ ActorNew eats include chocolate and cheese fondue.
  21. Mediavore
    Chef Jason Travi Won’t Return to Fraiche; Final Gourmet Issue Hits TheFraiche loses its founding chef, and Gourmet’s final issue is available today.
  22. Openings
    Riva Will Be Replaced by Fraiche As Chef Travi Flies East For FallRiva will be replaced by the owners’ first restaurant.
  23. Empire Building
    Jason Travi Premiers Fraiche: The Sequel, Next WednesdayChef Jason Travi starts fresh on a new location of his popular first restaurant.
  24. Foodievents
    Sunday’s California Spirit XXVPuck and Lazaroff keep a great thing going.