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  1. grocery wars
    Fairway Will Sell 5 Stores and File for Bankruptcy ProtectionThe grocery chain is not going out of business, but it’s definitely in trouble.
  2. for sale
    Anthony Bourdain’s Possessions Will Be Auctioned Off Next MonthThe auction will benefit his family and a scholarship set up in his name at the Culinary Institute of America.
  3. farm to table
    Blue Hill Sells These Beautiful Hand-Forged KnivesThe custom knife by local blacksmith Michael McCarthy is available direct from Dan Barber’s celebrated New York restaurant.
  4. For Sale
    Red Lobster Will Be Sold for a Mere $2.1 BillionPrice does not include cheddar biscuits.
  5. For Sale
    Brighton Beach Restaurant Featured on No Reservations Up for Grabs“This is a well organized business and we will teach you to run it to keep the Russian clientele.”
  6. Changing Hands
    Entourage Stars’ Saratoga Springs Restaurant Is for SaleAnyone want to buy a horse racing hangout for $1.8 million?
  7. The Chain Gang
    TGI Friday’s Chain Is Up for GrabsThis is your one chance for truly unlimited margaritas.
  8. For Sale
    Top Chef Production Company Up for SaleEstimates put the worth of Magical Elves somewhere between $80 and $100 million.
  9. For Sale
    Diner-Bar Teri’s In the Italian Market Goes Up For SaleSurprisingly the price for the building and its liquor license isn’t too crazy.
  10. For Sale
    Romera Selling Its PartsDr. Miguel Sanchez’s laboratory will be disassembled.
  11. For Sale
    Shuttered Retreat Lounge Auctioning Its Antler Chandeliers TodayThe forest-themed nightspot is no more.
  12. Closings
    Old City Loses a Douche Bar; Could a Steakhouse Go Next?Could fights and other drunken violence be to blame?
  13. For Sale
    Asia de Cuba Up for AuctionIn case you’re feeling sentimental about it closing.
  14. Rumor Mill
    Rumors Have Geno’s Going Up For Sale [UPDATED]The Cheez Whiz capital of South Philly could possibly be up for sale.
  15. For Sale
    Need a 16-foot Sign? Bleeding Heart Bakery Is Selling One For a GrandIf you have 16-feet of wall space and a strong desire to hold onto restaurant memorabilia, you have one week to place your bid.
  16. Case Closed
    Mystery Solved: Grab Is the Specialty Shop For SaleBy Jove, Grub Street commenters, you’ve solved it!
  17. Mysteries
    Can You Name the ‘Favorite Neighborhood Specialty Shop’ That’sThe mystery Brooklyn business is a “beautiful shop with an amazing selection of some of the finest craft beer, cheese, charcuterie, chocolate and coffee.”
  18. For Sale
    What Happens When Is Selling Its Furniture, TooElaine’s isn’t the only restaurant you can own a piece of.
  19. Truckin’
    Two Food Trucks Go Up For SaleBoth trucks are equipped and ready to roll.
  20. For Sale
    Park Grill Looking To Sell its Prime Millennium Park LocationCare to purchase a restaurant?
  21. For Sale
    Weak Links in the ChainsRiese and Morton’s may be looking to sell.
  22. Closings
    107-Year-Old Carmine’s Is Selling Its Bar, Its Blender, and Its FishSeaport sadness.
  23. For Sale
    Permission Granted for Zabumba’s SaleA judge grants rights to the sisters of the slain owner to put the property on the auction block, but a battle still looms over who gets the assets.
  24. Blind Items
    Name That Ballpark-Adjacent Restaurant Now for SaleThis mid-sized, ballpark-adjacent restaurant is up for grabs at $345,000.
  25. For Sale
    Tavern on the Green Auction ContinuesItems are going cheap. Plus, images from the scene.
  26. Blind Item
    Blind Item: SOMA Restaurant/Lounge For SaleA space with a DJ/live music permit and full kitchen is for sale in SOMA.
  27. For Sale
    Own a Piece of Tavern on the GreenThe restaurant’s fixtures are to be auctioned off.
  28. For Sale
    Restaurant Eloise Already For SaleWith the ovens barely cooled down, Eloise goes on the market for a song.
  29. For Sale
    Sozai for Lease in the SunsetLooking to get into the izakaya business?
  30. For Sale
    How Profitable Is a Crown Fried Chicken?A glimpse at a KFC knockoff’s p&l.
  31. Endangered
    Which Marin Roadhouse is For Sale?A Marin restaurant for sale sounds a lot like the Buckeye roadhouse, but isn’t.
  32. For Sale
    Baba Pita Can Be Yours!A Lincoln Park restaurant is on the market for $98,000.
  33. For Sale
    Downtown’s New Cafes on Online Auction BlockDowntown’s Crown Cafe and Infusion Cafe, both opened in 2009, are already up for sale on Criagslist
  34. For Sale
    Wakiya Fire Sale: Everything Must Go!Before the former Wakiya space is gutted for Danny Meyer’s restaurant, there’ll be a yard sale!
  35. For Sale
    Dive in Danger: Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge May Lose Its HomeOne of the city’s truly gritty watering holes, the Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge, may not have long for this world.
  36. For Sale
    Veselka’s Mural Can Be YoursThe restaurant is planning to expand, and Arnie Charnick’s painting needs to go.
  37. For Sale
    Up for Grabs: Isabella’s, Forbidden City, Papaya King, and OthersWhat’s the three-level meatpacking club that’s up for sale?
  38. For Sale
    Top Chef Condo for RentMaybe Leah left a bra behind! Or Fabio, a thong!
  39. For Sale
    Suba for SaleAnd another Boqueria on the way!
  40. For Sale
    For Sale: Dolce Vita, Studio B, and ‘One of the Country’s MostAnd more!
  41. For Sale
    Beloved Ethiopian, Ghenet, Is for SaleNolita residents may lose a neighborhood institution.