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Foodborne Illness

  1. the chain gang
    L.A. Health Officials Are Investigating an Outbreak at Another ChipotleThe bad-burrito version of Groundhog Day continues.
  2. health concerns
    A New Government Report Is a Real Bummer for Lovers of Raw CheeseThe CDC notes that it’s 840 times more dangerous than pasteurized cheese.
  3. Health Concerns
    How Chicago Is Leading the Charge in Keeping People Safe From Food-Borne IllnessIts new algorithm finds health violators a week faster than inspectors.
  4. The Future
    Start-ups Are Creating Gadgets to Detect E. Coli and GlutenThe 2015 outbreaks have some entrepreneurs rethinking their tech gizmos.
  5. Food Safety
    A New Spray Could Save Everyone From Tainted CropsThis DNA “barcode” for the produce aisle can tell researchers where, exactly, any given vegetable came from.
  6. Health Concerns
    Terrifying: Thousands of People Potentially Exposed to Hep-A at Red RobinThe chain estimates 5,000 exposures, but it could be “many thousands more.”
  7. Needling
    Should Restaurant Workers Be Subject to Mandatory Vaccinations?Some food-safety advocates suggest it might not be a bad idea.
  8. Health Scares!
    Hep A Outbreak at Bronx Sushi Shop Sickens 5Come for the sushi pizza, stay for the vaccine.
  9. Video Feed
    Arizona Restaurant Linked to E. Coli Outbreak Confuses TV Personality for RealThe outbreak sickened 74 people over the course of a few weeks.
  10. Vibrio
    East Coast Oyster Industry Crippled by Widespread Microbial InfectionThe raw bar is suddenly a lot less crowded.
  11. Nomavirus
    Noma Food Poisoning Scare No Big Deal for BeliebersThis just in from Copenhagen.
  12. Queasy
    Oops! Norovirus Infection Reportedly Sickens 63 Customers at Noma [Updated]The world’s best restaurant may also be its illest, but not in a good way.
  13. Sneeze Guard
    America’s Sick Restaurant Workers Are Contributing to This Country’sRight back ah-choo!
  14. Safety First
    FDA Releases Two Major Food-Safety RulesFruit and vegetable producers are required to pay more attention to what’s happening in the field.