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  1. openings
    Casual, Community-Minded Dame Is the Restaurant We’ve Been Waiting ForIt’s the house that fish and chips built.
  2. supply chain
    At One White Street, They Don’t Write the Menu. They Plant It.“I don’t want to go to the farmers’ market at Union Square and fight for the same sunchoke that’s on every other menu.”
  3. Now and Then: The Global Flavors That Have Defined the Last 20 YearsA look at the flavors driving culinary trends from past to present, and recipes for you to try them at home.
  4. 9 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Any DadFrom Crown Royal whisky to the perfect dad jacket.
  5. Virgin’s New Cruise Line Is a Foodie’s DreamHandmade pasta, Korean BBQ, and a test kitchen are redefining “cruise food.”
  6. vive la france
    Michelin Chef Has Meltdown Over Being Accused of Cooking With Cheddar CheeseThe most French drama ever.
  7. Marcus Samuelsson’s Our Harlem Reimagines the CookbookIn honor of his new Audible Original Series, he took his best recipes on the road.
  8. Try This Tonight: Miso Sesame SalmonOne of our favorite nourishing, guilt-free recipes from Dimes chef Alissa Wagner.
  9. Olmsted’s Greg Baxtrom Shares His Famous Rangoon Recipe “It’s got cheese, bacon, and Brussels sprouts, and it’s fried. They’re going to love it.”
  10. dispatches
    Haiti’s Complex HumanityIt’s easy, as Trump has done, to call a poor place a sh*thole. It’s another to understand how a country becomes so impoverished.
  11. fall preview 2016
    50 Fall Restaurant Openings You Need to Know AboutNew spots from Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Wolfgang Puck, April Bloomfield, and more.
  12. fall preview 2016
    This Chef Will Combine French and Italian Sensibilities at His New Restaurant“I’d been here a year eating and sizing up the competition … I had something to prove to myself.”
  13. fall preview 2016
    Major Chefs Will Focus on Hotel Dining This FallHarold Moore gives a southern style of eating a Manhattan spin, and two major restaurateurs bring breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the Beekman.
  14. fall preview 2016
    How Blue Hill Chef Dan Barber Reinterprets Fast-Food ClassicsThe esteemed chef introduces his version of quick-serve fine dining on a new Blue Hill bar menu.
  15. fall preview 2016
    Empellón Will Expand to Midtown This FallWith two floors and 150 seats, the Madison Avenue location will function as chef-owner Alex Stupak’s brand flagship.
  16. fall preview 2016
    At White Gold, April Bloomfield Will Really Go Whole HogA retail butcher shop–cum–restaurant serving three meals a day
  17. fall preview 2016
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten Will Open His First Meatless Restaurant in SeptemberabcV will celebrate roots and shoots and leaves without trying to mimic meat.
  18. fall preview 2016
    El Rey’s Gerardo Gonzalez Is Thinking Bigger at LaloExpect what the chef calls “hippie Chicano” cuisine.
  19. editors picks
    Editors’ Picks, Warm-Stuff EditionCold weather is a good excuse to spend, spend, spend. 
  20. food science
    Should You Drink Milk?If so, what kind? A guide to the newly controversial cereal complement.
  21. Grub Guides
    17 Undercover, Unexpected Summer Food HacksHow to turn a watermelon into a keg, make nose-to-tail lemonade, and more.
  22. Gift Guide
    Grub Street’s 2014 Gift Guide: 24 Unique Finds for the Discerning GourmandTSA-approved bitters, the Lamborghini of poultry, duck-fat caramels, and more.
  23. Polls
    Poll That Calls New Yorkers Arrogant Also Says We Eat WellIt’s because we’ve got the cronut and the ramen burger, obv.
  24. Bug Out
    8 Reasons Why Some People Think Bugs Are the Food of the FutureLemony ants, popcorn-flavored crickets, and nutty mealworms.
  25. The Name Game
    L.A.’s Foul-Mouthed Restaurants Get Called OutWe’re here to remind you of a few that were forgotten.
  26. Studies
    Researcher: Food Is More Addictive Than Crack CocaineGreat, one more reason to go to rehab.
  27. Mediavore
    Storied Chocolate Factory Melts Away; Women Think About Food More Than SexPlus possible new El Bullis and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  28. Mediavore
    Wolfgang Puck .Food Suit Settled; Local Restaurant Owner Rumored to Have MJWolfgang Puck and the company behind .Food have settled their suit, while an unnamed local restaurant owner is rumored to have leaked copies of Michael Jackson’s autopsy photos.
  29. Lawsuits
    Wolfgang Puck and Wife Sued Over .food DomainWolfgang Puck and his wife are slapped with a lawsuit for not fulfilling their end of the .food deal.
  30. Health Concerns
    Villaraigosa Starts A Local Food Task ForceA task force is being created to look at Los Angeles’ food supplies and consumption.
  31. Trends
    Schrambling: Stop Kidding Around in the KitchenIn a Slate article, foodie grumpus Regina Schrambling puts her finger on exactly why the kiddie foodie trend is so annoying.
  32. Tony Tony Tony
    Tony and Mario on Food and Sex “Using eggplant for sex isn’t nearly as exciting as it seems to be cracked up to be.”