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  1. food waste
    Starbucks Is Testing a Small Fee for Takeout Coffee CupsGet ready to pay a bit more for coffee to go in London — could the charge soon arrive in the U.S.?
  2. food waste
    What to Know About Food-Waste Start-up Backed by Grocery Industry’s Top PlayersBigwigs tied to Walmart and Whole Foods think it could actually turn a profit reducing food waste.
  3. food waste
    Parliament Proposes ‘Latte Levy’ to Curb England’s Cup WasteBritish people reportedly trash 2.5 billion unrecyclable cups a year.
  4. food waste
    London Will Start Powering Public Buses with Coffee GroundsIt’s found a way to turn coffee waste into sustainable biofuel.
  5. food politics
    Bourdain to Critics Who Tell Chefs to Stay Out of Politics: ‘F*ck That’“Who eats? Who doesn’t eat? Who is cooking? … Who is picking the produce? Who is cutting the meat? Who is shipping the meat?”
  6. food waste
    This Organic, ‘Zero Waste’ Supermarket Doesn’t Sell Anything in PackagesYou need your own Mason jar for its nut butter and toothpaste.
  7. news you can booze
    A California Distillery Is Making Vodka From Twinkies and Food WasteMisadventure & Co. uses baked goods that a local food bank throws out.
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    Amazon’s Alexa Now Gives Tips on How Not to Waste FoodShe’s got tips for storing asparagus and knowing when avocados go bad.
  9. food waste
    Ikea Is Getting Serious About Cutting Food WasteThe retail giant vows to make a massive dent in the amount of food it discards.
  10. food waste
    How New York Is Working to Revolutionize the Way the City Disposes of Food WasteA seriously bulked-up organic recycling program will debut soon.
  11. food policy
    Obama Just Gave a Big Speech on Food PolicyHis first international talk as a private citizen was on food sustainability.
  12. news you can booze
    England’s Acclaimed Recycled-Bread Beer Is Coming to New York CityToast hopes to start production by July 4.
  13. food waste
    Is a ‘Craigslist for Leftovers’ the Solution to the City’s Food-Waste Problem?A classifieds site has been proposed where businesses can list unused food.
  14. food waste
    Just a Buck Invested in Reducing Food Waste Can Save Companies $14Some hard data on why curbing waste is a smart business plan.
  15. food waste
    Over Half of Food Waste Happens During Production — and MIT’s Working to Fix ItThe problem starts way before food hits grocery stores or your plate.
  16. food waste
    U.K. Supermarket Chain’s New Delivery Trucks Will Run Entirely on Food WasteWaitrose says the vehicles can run 500 miles on biomethane, a by-product of rotting food.
  17. This Organic Edible Coating Can Quintuple the Shelf Life of FruitApeel creates an “imperceptible” barrier from plant by-products that slows down decay.
  18. food waste
    Another Food-Delivery Business Is StrugglingA new report says Munchery is throwing away, or donating, much of its food.
  19. food waste
    New App Lets You Buy Cheap Leftovers When Restaurants CloseFood for All plans to sell excess food at a 50 to 80 percent discount.
  20. food films
    Anthony Bourdain Will Produce a Documentary on Food WasteDan Barber, Danny Bowien, and Massimo Bottura are all involved, too.
  21. food waste
    Walmart Stores Caught Trashing Food That Hasn’t Even Expired YetThe CBC dug through the company’s trash in Canada and found items that still “appeared to be fresh.”
  22. food waste
    New Jersey Has a Bold Plan to Turn Supermarket Food Waste Into EnergyA new proposal would convert it into biofuel to power homes, businesses, and schools statewide.
  23. food waste
    This ‘Avocado Time Machine’ Keeps Guacamole From Turning BrownThis magical new device keeps the notoriously fast aging fruit fresh for up to ten days.
  24. food waste
    This App Lets Restaurants Easily Sell Unused FoodAnother way to curb food waste.
  25. food waste
    A New Start-Up Says It’s Solved Meal-Delivery Services’ Biggest ProblemIt’s replaced kits’ tremendously wasteful packaging with a single reusable cube.
  26. food waste
    Hot New Supper-Club Trend: Eat Food Waste in a DumpsterThe recycled-food pop-up is “coming to a city or town near you.”
  27. food waste
    More Than Half of Americans ‘Feel Bad’ About Throwing Out Food But Do It AnywayFour in ten say they “don’t have enough time” to worry about it.
  28. food waste
    Nearly 150,000 People Have Signed a Petition Demanding Walmart Sell Ugly Produce#WhatTheFork is getting harder for the country’s largest grocer to ignore.
  29. food waste
    America Throws Away Half of Its Edible ProduceFarmers blame the nation’s obsession with perfect-looking food.
  30. Food Waste
    Congress Suggests Legitimate ‘Sell By’ Dates Might Curb Food WasteA new bill says a national labeling standard would keep safe food out of the trash.
  31. Food Waste
    Restaurant Feeds Homeless with Street FridgeThe owner says she can barely keep it stocked.
  32. Food Waste
    Scientists Have Figured Out How to Make Electricity Out of Unused TomatoesFlorida’s tomato waste could theoretically power Disney World for 90 days.
  33. Food Waste
    Starbucks Vows to Donate 100 Percent of Its Leftover Food to CharityIt predicts it can feed 50 million hungry people a year by 2021.
  34. Food Waste
    U.K. Supermarket Chain Vows to Fight Food Waste and Donate All Unsold ProductsThey’ll stop tossing perfectly good food by the end of next year.
  35. Food Waste
    Whole Foods Has Struck a Deal to Sell Ugly ProduceIt’s unveiled a pilot program to test the idea in several California stores.
  36. Food Waste
    Danish Supermarket Only Sells Expired FoodThe country has cut its food waste by 25 percent in five years.
  37. Food Waste
    A Food-Waste Start-up Just Got $100,000 on Shark TankHungry Harvest hit pay dirt with its ugly-vegetable delivery service.
  38. Food Waste
    The French Are Being Forced to Embrace Doggy BagsA new law, intended to curb food waste, requires restaurants to provide them.
  39. Food Waste
    Of Course France Has a Power Plant That Runs on CheeseLeftover Beaufort produces enough electricity to power a small village for a year.
  40. Food Waste
    Another Acclaimed Chef Joins the Fight to End Food WasteMassimo Bottura wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal.
  41. Oh Deer
    A Vermont Chef Is Putting Roadkill on a $75 Prix Fixe MenuThis is peak food waste.
  42. Video Feed
    Mario Batali Brewed a Beer Inspired by Dan Barber’s Food-Waste InitiativeMade by Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione, WasteNot beer includes citrus peels, tomato pulp, and a nod to the moonshine that’s made in prison.
  43. Food Waste
    The United Nations Wants to Cut Food Waste in Half by 2030It’s a very ambitious goal.
  44. Food Waste
    A Revolutionary Food-Waste Recycling Plant Is Opening in Long IslandThe $40 million facility can turn 120,000 tons of food trash a year into energy.
  45. Food Waste
    The Latest Food-Waste Restaurant Will Serve Catering LeftoversBrooklyn caterer Przemek Adolf is tired of tossing out tray after tray of food, so he’s going to repurpose it for customers instead.
  46. Food Waste
    United Airlines Has Figured Out a Way to Turn Food Waste Into FuelIt’s just announced a $30 million investment in carbon-emissions-cutting biofuels.
  47. Food Waste
    The Average American Household Wastes More Than $600 of Food Each YearBut very few care about the effects on the environment.
  48. Food Waste
    This Expired-Food Supermarket Could Be a Food-Waste Game-ChangerThe former president of Trader Joe’s hopes to open Daily Table locations nationwide.
  49. Food Waste
    France Makes It Illegal for Supermarkets to Throw Out Their FoodOwners could face prison time if they don’t donate unsold items to charity.
  50. Haute Dumpster Diving
    Copenhagen Restaurant Serves Dishes Made With Expired GroceriesTime to take out the trash, then eat it.
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