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  1. the grub street diet
    Abby Elliott Is Giving in to Her Cravings“I can’t deprive myself.”
  2. food tv
    Everyone’s Thirsty for The Bear. Here’s What It’s Really Like to Date a Chef.“We all get into this line of work because we have personality disorders and massive daddy issues.”
  3. food tv
    What to Know Before Watching Bad VeganThe new Netflix documentary tracks the spectacular rise and fall of Pure Food and Wine.
  4. killed it
    It’s Time to Bid Adieu to Cooking With ParisMaybe Paris Hilton’s cooking show was just too complicated for a world that values easy answers.
  5. icons
    Welcome to the JuliaverseA spate of new film and television projects aim to explore every detail of Julia Child’s life and legacy.
  6. homecoming
    Welcome Back, Sandra Lee. I’ve Missed You.She’s living the post-breakup-repatriation fantasy of my dreams.
  7. food media
    How Celebrity Chefs Warped Our View of Real-World Restaurant Abuse“I realized, this is abnormal.”
  8. rip
    The Instagram Memorial of Anthony BourdainWhy do so many people still leave comments each day?
  9. food tv
    Bon Appétit Drama Set to Become HBO Max ComedyA new series is in development for the streaming platform.
  10. sagas
    The Wild Domestic Subversion of @CheeseDailyBetrayal. Revenge. Bomb-ass sandwiches.
  11. investigations
    How Does Nigella Lawson Pronounce ‘Microwave’?The best way, as it turns out.
  12. recaps
    The Great British Baking Show Holiday Special Is Perfect TV NothingnessIt arrives on Netflix a year late — and it’s an ideal balm for 2020.
  13. game shows
    Watch David Chang Win Who Wants to Be a MillionaireHe’s donating the money to a restaurant-related charity.
  14. recaps
    In the End, The Great British Baking Show Brought Me to TearsIt’s time for the finale of the weirdest season in Great British history.
  15. recaps
    Did It Really Have to Be This Way, Great British Baking Show?It’s Pâtisserie Week and it’s all just too much.
  16. recaps
    The Great British Baking Show Is Best When It Is Very, Very British“Take me to a British lemon bog! Make me a preindustrial mutton-fat pudding with an entire rindy lemon in the middle of it!”
  17. food tv
    Alton Brown Apologizes for ‘Flippant’ Holocaust TweetsTwitter users quickly pointed out how insensitive the Food Network star’s comments were.
  18. recaps
    Has The Great British Baking Show Gotten Too Weird?What does “’80s Week” even mean in the context of pastry?
  19. food tv
    The 5 Biggest Problems With This Week’s Great British Baking ShowIt was not necessarily the best week in the tent.
  20. recaps
    The Great British Baking Show Was Never Going to Save UsPerhaps we’ve been asking too much of Paul Hollywood and the gang.
  21. recaps
    Even in the Great British Baking Show Tent, Things Have Gotten BadThe world is mired in problems of our own making. Why must it also be that way in the tent?
  22. recaps
    It’s Bread Week in the Tent!And there are … rainbow bagels?
  23. recaps
    Two Weeks in, Who Is the Favorite on Great British Baking Show?On the occasion of Biscuit Week 2020, we survey the emerging stars inside the tent.
  24. recaps
    The World Is Unthinkably Bleak. The Great British Baking Show Soldiers On.Yes of course everything is terrible, but on the other hand, Battenberg cake!
  25. food tv
    Where Can Food Travel Shows Take Us Now?Episodes shot even a few months ago feel like artifacts from another time.
  26. movies
    The End of The TripThe final installment of Michael Winterbottom’s culinary road trip is a fittingly melancholy finish for the series.
  27. food tv
    Ron Howard Is Working on a José Andrés DocumentaryThe National Geographic film will follow Andrés’s work with World Central Kitchen.
  28. food tv
    Amy Schumer Will Host a Quarantine Cooking ShowAmy Schumer Learns to Cook will arrive on Food Network in a few weeks.
  29. food tv
    15 Under-the-Radar Food Shows to Binge Right NowA Hawaiian tofu factory, a delicacy from Chaoshan, Oprah’s favorite breakfast pastries, and more …
  30. food tv
    Here’s the New Host of Great British Bake OffMatt Lucas is best known for his roles in Little Britain and Bridesmaids.
  31. food tv
    Watch the New Trailer for Ugly Delicious 2David Chang’s Netflix show returns March 6.
  32. food tv
    Watch AOC Talk BECs and Bartending in the BronxThe House representative spends a day with Desus and Mero.
  33. food tv
    Andy Samberg Will Host the Biggest Little Cook-OffThe SNL alum and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has signed on to emcee a show all about creating a great single bite for the upcoming Quibi channel.
  34. food tv
    SNL Finally Explains Popeyes to White PeopleHarry Styles is a British intern who just doesn’t get it.
  35. food tv
    David Chang’s New Netflix Show Debuts October 23Check out the the trailer for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  36. the grub street diet
    Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Really Loves Cheese“I saw enchiladas, I saw cheese, I saw meat, and I was like, ‘I’m going to fuck all of this up.’”
  37. tv land
    The Chef Show Returns to Netflix Next WeekJon Favreau and Roy Choi’s celebrity-filled cooking show is getting a Volume 2.
  38. the feeding tube
    The Great British Bake-Off Returns to Netflix on August 30For the first time, episodes will stream on Netflix three days after they air in the United Kingdom.
  39. food tv
    Good Eats Is Still Great TVAlton Brown’s seminal cooking show returns, and it’s more or less the same as it was.
  40. food tv
    Padma Lakshmi Is Getting Her Own Hulu SeriesShe’s the latest get for the streaming network as it pushes into food TV.
  41. food tv
    David Chang Is Getting a New Show on NetflixIn addition to a second season of Ugly Delicious, the Momofuku founder will also debut the series Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
  42. food tv
    Roy Choi and Jon Favreau Are Turning Chef Into a TV ShowThe Chef Show premieres on Netflix on June 7.
  43. food tv
    Check Out the Trailer for Season 3 of Nailed It!The show returns on May 17.
  44. food tv
    How Chef’s Table Turned Food TV Into Mouthwatering ArtThe Netflix show launched a generation of spinoffs and imitators. But making food look delicious on-screen isn’t easy.
  45. food tv
    Here’s All the Game of Thrones Food (and Drink) You Can Try Right NowEveryone’s hopping aboard the bandwagon ahead of the show’s final season.
  46. food tv
    A Chef’s Table Spin-off Called Street Food Will Hit Netflix Next MonthThe first season will cover nine countries around Asia.
  47. streaming
    Welcome to the Golden Age of Cooking AdviceLearn to make anything you want, anytime you want, from the world’s most skilled cooks.
  48. food tv
    The New Season of Chef’s Table Is Here to Satisfy Your Food-Porn CravingsNetflix’s ode to high-caliber cooking returns on February 22.
  49. appreciations
    Thank You, Fatima AliThe chef became an icon by honoring her roots.
  50. homecomings
    The Return of Rocco DiSpiritoAfter 15 years, the celebrity chef is back in a kitchen — will his critics give him another chance?
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