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Food Truck Lots

  1. Truckin’
    Figueroa Produce Brings Food Truck Lot to Highland ParkThe popular development should save a lot of Angelenos on a westward voyage every Tuesday.
  2. Truckin’
    Downtown Food Truck Lot Re-Opens TodayThe lots have proven nearly as controversial as the street-parked trucks.
  3. Beef
    Street Truck Fans Back Paul Koretz Into a Defensive CrouchOver 60 emails and a fake Twitter site astound a City Councilman who claims he was just speaking up for homeowners.
  4. Truckin’
    Food Truck Court Begins Beside L.A.X. TodayThe event is planned every Tuesday.
  5. Truckin’
    Downtown Food Truck Lot Shifting Location to Little TokyoParking areas for food trucks are having trouble gaining initial momentum.
  6. Truckin’
    Food Trucks’ Future Found in the Parking LotA food truck lot is being considered near Beverly Center.
  7. Truckin’
    Downtown Makes the Next Attempt at a Food Truck LotThe same organizer behind the failed Santa Monica food truck lot tries again.