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  1. food trends
    2020’s First Big Food Trend Is Ice Cubes in CerealThere’s no denying it.
  2. food trends
    People Are Paying Top Dollar for a Limited-Edition Golden Girls CerealIt’s going for $8 per box at Target, which is a small price to pay for being a pal and a confidante.
  3. where to eat 2018
    13 Dining Trends We Don’t Want to See in 2018Really expensive restaurants, clickbait dishes, domineering-male-dominated kitchens, and more.
  4. food trends
    Juicero Founder Now Promoting $40 Jugs of ‘Raw Water’ in Silicon ValleyHe’s even trespassing to bottle it directly from a spring.
  5. high five
    New York Has a Small Farm Upstate That’s Dominating the Hemp-Food TrendJD Farms has gotten cannabis into Whole Foods and restaurants like Estela.
  6. beefed up
    America’s Beef Sales Are Improving for the First Time in a DecadeCheap prices are creating a new golden age of meat.
  7. you’re toast
    ‘Avocado Hand’ Is Now an Injury Doctors Actually RecognizeSelf-inflicted knife injuries are on the rise, thanks to the avocado craze.
  8. viral foods
    The ‘Cloud Eggs’ Instagram Food Trend Is Actually Pretty GreatTime to perfect your meringue technique.
  9. culinary crossroads
    How Chefs Embraced Global Influence and Discovered More Authentic ‘Fusion’ Food“When you’re trying to mix up different ingredients, it tends to be a lot better when it’s coming from your childhood — it’s coming from instinct.”
  10. Instagram’s Latest Food Trend Is Fishy and MesmerizingVIDEO: Of course, this has nothing to do with the actual flavor …
  11. where to eat
    8 Dining Trends We’re Tired OfTicketed restaurant reservations, absurdist cocktail names, chef-backstory narratives, and more.
  12. The ‘Mufgel’ Is the Latest Food Mash-up We Didn’t Ask ForIt comes in rainbow flavor.
  13. The Latest Food Trend Is Eating Gourmet Food and Cocktails Made Out of BugsSure, why not?
  14. Trend Alert
    Wrapping Up 2011’s ‘Fun Dining’ and Heralding 2012’sPrepare for locally grown everything (again).
  15. Future-Talk
    James Beard Foundation Predicts 2012 Food TrendsThe group says canelés will be the next pastry item people start calling the new cupcake.
  16. Closings
    Will The Gas-Station Restaurant Trend Tank?Villa Mexico hopes to remain in its gas-station digs.
  17. Food Trends
    An Exciting Way to Keep Holiday Pounds at Bay: Silk Nog?Behold, a healthy eggnog substitute.
  18. Food Trends
    OMG, ABP! Cupcakes!
  19. Food Trends
    It’s Time to Get Wild About Insects!In the future, everyone will eat cockroaches for 15 minutes. Then throw up.
  20. Food Trends
    Bostonians Go Ga-Ga for Goat Meat; Suburbia Not So SureAt last, Bostonians discover the pleasures of goat.
  21. food trends
    Poutine’s Identity CrisisIf poutine’s topped with foie gras and nobody’s there to taste it … is it still poutine?
  22. Food Trends
    Restaurants in Gas Stations: Trend or Tragedy?Do those bay doors offer some irresistible allure to restaurateurs?
  23. Food Trends
    Will Texting Restaurant Orders Be a New Thing?BTW — I need a 4K. THX.
  24. Food Trends
    Eat Boston Details First Pop-Up RestaurantThe Eat food truck rolls with a new trend.
  25. Cartogrophy
    Food Truck Owners Pave the Way for Renegade DiningAre food trucks the ultimate mobile kitchens?
  26. Cartography
    City Hall Finally Getting on the Food Truck BandwagonThe city paves the way for more food trucks.
  27. Food Trends
    How to Eat Local When Farmer’s Markets Close for the SeasonDon’t let the cold weather compromise your culinary integrity.
  28. Pho Truck a Street-Food Fakeout?
  29. San Francisco Celebrates National Hot Dog Month
  30. Boston Loves Pizza
  31. California Burritos Come to the Mission
  32. Restaurants Love Twitter
  33. Boston’s Neighborhood Restaurants Beat the Recession
  34. Fried Chicken Frenzy: Did the Globe Get It Right?
  35. Craft Cocktails on the Rise
  36. Boston Restaurateurs Optimistic
  37. Are You Being Manipulated By That Menu?
  38. Is That Menu Manipulating You?
  39. Is Harry Caray’s Chicken Vesuvio the Best Roadfood in Chicago?
  40. Street Food Vendors Get Smart
  41. Should We Be Worried About Tapeworms? Eh.
  42. The Mobile Sugar Trail: Dessert Street Vendors of the Mission
  43. A Guide to Recognizing Your Fro-Yo
  44. Mo’ FroYo, Mo’ Problems: Your Definitive Boston FroYo Map
  45. Mobile Food Trend on Fire as Creme Brulee Man Prepares to go Dark
  46. Prairie Grass Cafe’s Restaurant Garden Webcam
  47. Fish & Farm To Eliminate Nickels And Dimes
  48. What Makes A Successful Hotel Restaurant?
  49. Mr Pickles Update: He’s Not a Sausage
  50. Lots Of Chef Shuffles Mean Lots Of Job Openings
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