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    Here’s Another Reminder to Stop Using Delivery AppsThey prey on restaurants, but still can’t make money.
  2. food tech
    Robot Drive-throughs Are the Future of Fast FoodAt least at one restaurant in Denver, Colorado.
  3. We Tested the World’s First Desktop Mealworm FarmThrowing a mealworm dinner party with help from Livin farms.
  4. Watch: Are Grain Bowls Made by Robots the Food of the Future?Spyce is now serving lunch made by mechanical cooks.
  5. food tech
    Juicero Will Cease OperationsYou’ll still have your hands.
  6. help wanted
    This New App Pays Users to Create Long Lines at RestaurantsTo create “the illusion that a restaurant is busy and worthy of your hard-earned money.”
  7. This Organic Edible Coating Can Quintuple the Shelf Life of FruitApeel creates an “imperceptible” barrier from plant by-products that slows down decay.
  8. Twitch Finally Lets People Livestream Themselves EatingGet ready for many uninterrupted hours of chewing.
  9. Food Tech
    Twitch Is Streaming a 4-Day Julia Child Marathon Right NowThe video-game site calls her “the Bob Ross of cooking.”
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    A YouTube Founder Has Launched an App for Livestreaming Cooking ShowsWatch out for Nom, Food Network.
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    How the Tech World Turned on Private Chefs“I feel like I was treated like a commodity, no warning, no time to plan ahead … “