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    Historic Building Once Home to Gage & Tollner Will Host a Series of Food PanelsThe first is on May 24.
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    Adam Platt: Latest Great Food Mind on WORFor those of you who only know Adam Platt from his mordant restaurant reviews and IM chats, the next best thing is Friday’s interview with Mike Colameco on “Food Talk.” Colameco has been on a tear lately — recent guests have included Frank Bruni, Tom Colicchio, and Marco Pierre White. But there’s only one Platt. You won’t get the hangdog expression, the pumpkin-size head, the blinking, beady eyes, but you’ll get a sense of what Platt is like in person. Listen to the MP3 to find out what Platt’s looking forward to in 2008. Adam Platt on WOR’S Food Talk [mp3]
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    Restaurant-World Elders Debate the Evils of the $44 Lamb Chop Is the New York dining scene better than ever? The question seems to our dazzled senses like a no-brainer, but it was the source of almost rancorous debate last night at a 92nd Street Y panel discussion which featured New York’s Gael Greene, famed chef Jacques Pepin, Über-restaurateur Michael Whiteman, and New York food historian Arthur Schwartz. “Food Talk” host Mike Colameco chaired the panel — helplessly, as the debate raged to his right and left.
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    Grub Street Meets ‘Food Talk’Just in case you weren’t tuned in to WOR this morning, we thought we’d let you know that “Food Talk” host Mike Colameco had us on his show and that you can hear our conversation by going here (click on “Food Talk November 28” in the lower-left corner of the page). We covered classic Grub Street topics like Bar-B-Jews, Cesare Casella’s zoological experiments, and plans for a bollito misto debauch. So rest your eyes and give it a listen.
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    Having Hit Rock Bottom, Rocco DiSpirito SpeaksRocco DiSpirito’s descent from the heights of gastronomy has been a steep one: He started out as one of the most talented and lauded young chefs in New York, made a jerk of himself on TV, was demoted to “Food Talk,” and then got fired from that. Now Rocco’s abasement is complete: He has been reduced to shilling for Bertolli’s stealth-marketing campaign, which recently involved 100 poofy-toqued “chefs” staging a mock protest of the company (their grocery products, in this delightful marketing alternate reality, supposedly keep people from eating out). This had to happen: Rocco could not attempt a comeback until he reached the pinnacle of cheesiness, and even his appearance on awfulplasticsurgery.com didn’t get him there. So what does the man have to say for himself? “Bertolli makes their dinners just like we do in the restaurant world.” Wait — he’s working in a restaurant now?
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    ‘Food Talk’ Finally Finds the Right Voice WOR’s “Food Talk” radio show never quite recovered from the loss of its longtime host Arthur Schwartz. Like the CBS Evening News after Walter Cronkite or the Celtics after Larry Bird, “Food Talk” got by, but the magic was gone. Hiring celebrity chefs like Rocco DiSpirito and Tyler Florence to discuss home cooking, rather than the New York restaurant scene, didn’t help. Now, in a more promising move, WOR has brought on Mike Colameco, late of Colameco’s Food Show on PBS.