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  1. Food Security
    Greenland May Soon Be Home to the World’s Coolest Floating FarmThe Arctic Harvester is a very sci-fi-esque oceangoing ring of plants.
  2. Food Security
    What Rick Bayless is Going To Say Today at the Beard Foundation About A BetterRick Bayless will keynote the Beard Foundation’s food conference today.
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    NOW Targets Hooters; Angelina Jolie Loves Spanish FoodThe National Organization for Women wants to protect children from booty shorts, while we pray the Hollywood Star doesn’t go on the road with Mario Batali.
  4. Mediavore
    U.N. Calls for Increased Food Security; Mr. Chow Hires a Local LawyerFood security is urged as a greater priority for the U.N., while Mr. Chow brings his legal battle against Phillipe Chow to Los Angeles.