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  1. delivery
    Delivery Orders Won’t Come With Forks AnymoreOr spoons, or ketchup, or those little packets of duck sauce.
  2. shutdowns
    With Democrats in Control of Congress, Hope Rises for Restaurant Relief“We feel pretty good that we can get the bill passed.”
  3. labor
    Florida Becomes Latest State to Pass a $15 Minimum WageIt will be raised annually through 2026 and then adjusted for inflation every year after.
  4. food politics
    Court’s Food-Stamp Ruling Is a Loss for Trump, a Win for Basic DecencyA federal judge has blocked the Trump administration’s plan to end SNAP benefits for nearly 700,000 unemployed Americans.
  5. street vendors
    The NYPD Is Still Ticketing Street Vendors After AllThe mayor’s June promises have yet to be fulfilled.
  6. street vendors
    NYPD Will No Longer Be Involved in Street Vendor Enforcement“Moving vendor enforcement away from NYPD is a welcomed decision, but we await further details of the replacement plan.”
  7. food politics
    Fast-Food Companies Still Don’t CareEmpty messages don’t change a rotten system.
  8. food politics
    New York City Caps Delivery Fees at 15 PercentThe law is one of seven meant to provide relief for restaurants and other commercial establishments.
  9. coronavirus
    Horrifying Problems Continue to Plague the Meat IndustryCoronavirus cases at meatpacking facilities have skyrocketed.
  10. food politics
    Trump’s Restaurant Panel Isn’t Going to HelpDuh.
  11. food fight
    New York Bodega Owners Prepare to Fight Plastic-Bag BanLawyers representing 14,000 bodegas are asking a judge to delay the law.
  12. food politics
    Mayor Pete Compels Americans to Go Ahead and Mix Ranch With SalsaA powerful message for a country in turmoil.
  13. food tv
    Watch AOC Talk BECs and Bartending in the BronxThe House representative spends a day with Desus and Mero.
  14. food politics
    A Brooklyn Bakery Is Sending Cakes to 53 Republican Senators TodayNew York’s own Butter & Scotch is asking lawmakers to let former national security adviser John Bolton testify in the ongoing impeachment trial.
  15. food politics
    New Campaign Aims to Remove ‘Chinese Restaurant Syndrome’ From DictionaryHow is this still in there?
  16. environmental concerns
    New York State May Ban Foam ContainersGovernor Cuomo wants to eighty-six them.
  17. field notes
    Foie Gras May Be Cruel. It’s Definitely Irrelevant.A restaurant critic on the waning days of a luxury ingredient.
  18. factory farming
    A New Report Details Just How Dangerous America’s Meat Industry Has Become“Pretty much every other day a worker is sent to the hospital or loses a body part.”
  19. make your preparations now
    Are You Ready for the Cheesepocalypse?European cheese might soon cost twice as much in America. Here’s everything you need to know.
  20. food politics
    Eric Trump Walks Into a Bar — and an Employee Spits on HimThe president’s son says he got more than he bargained for at the Aviary in Chicago.
  21. renegade ingredeints
    Why Do Foods Get Banned?How seemingly random, extremely complicated rules prevent you from eating the food you want.
  22. food politics
    Restaurateur Apologizes After Saying He’d Ban MAGA HatsJ. Kenji López-Alt tweeted that anyone wearing the hat to his popular Wursthall would not be served — and then reversed the short-lived policy.
  23. politics
    How Restaurants Help, and Empower, Their Employees to Vote“If I want people to vote, I have to enable them to vote.”
  24. food politics
    Mitch McConnell Is the Latest Politician to Get Heckled at a RestaurantA group of men confronted the politician while he was eating dinner with his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.
  25. just try it
    The Quest to Create the Next QuinoaCan Americans be convinced to eat ancient foods they’ve never heard of?
  26. food politics
    Meet the Politician Fighting for Your Favorite Street FoodThe Democratic nominee from Queens wants the city and state to do more for these small businesses.
  27. food politics
    D.C. Restaurant’s Yelp Page Attacked After Ted Cruz Is Chased Out By ProtestersItalian hotspot Fiola has suddenly seen a flood of one-star reviews.
  28. food politics
    Venezuelans Are Protesting Salt Bae’s Miami SteakhouseProtests come a few days after embattled Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro ate at Salt Bae’s restaurant in Istanbul while his own citizens starve.
  29. food politics
    Turns Out Joe Biden Is a Good Tipper, TooThe former VP left a hefty tip at a Chicago restaurant this week.
  30. food politics
    It Is Time for Politicians to Stop Eating Food in PublicCynthia Nixon’s cinnamon-raisin bagel with lox is just the latest reason.
  31. food politics
    Texas Restaurant Forced to Apologize After Posting Photo of Jeff SessionsOwners of Houston restaurant El Tiempo caught heat for sharing a post-meal photo of the attorney general on their Facebook page.
  32. Ocasio-Cortez’s Victory Is a Win for New York’s Restaurant WorkersHer platform (universal health care, a $15 minimum wage, support for the Equality Act) would address the labor issues the industry is rife with.
  33. immigration
    NYC Pizza Delivery Worker Detained by ICE Gets Stay of DeportationLocal restaurants also say they will stop delivering to the military base where the arrest happened.
  34. food politics
    Mitt Romney’s Favorite Meat Is ‘Hot Dog’Hamburger comes in at a controversial No. 2.
  35. food politics
    How Trump’s Ag Secretary Helped Big Food During His First YearA new report from a major science-advocacy group lists the many ways he’s “sidelining science and favoring industry over farmers and the public.”
  36. food politics
    White House Incorrectly Compares Its Proposed Food-Stamp Program to Blue ApronThe big difference: Blue Apron’s boxes contain fresh ingredients.
  37. food politics
    José Andrés Says He Begged Trump to Walk Back Anti-Mexico CommentsThe chef says he got nowhere — which is when he decided to pull the plug on a restaurant contract.
  38. food politics
    Bourdain to Critics Who Tell Chefs to Stay Out of Politics: ‘F*ck That’“Who eats? Who doesn’t eat? Who is cooking? … Who is picking the produce? Who is cutting the meat? Who is shipping the meat?”
  39. health concerns
    Here’s How the Trump Administration Is Quietly Undermining Food SafetyA “little-noticed” USDA plan to help trade at the cost of safety is just the latest example.
  40. national anthem protests
    Restaurants Banning NFL Games Should Look at Their Own MenusThey come courtesy of immigrants.
  41. labor fights
    Fight for $15 Held Protests Across the Country on Labor DayFrom San Diego to Des Moines to Orlando, workers walked out.
  42. health concerns
    America’s Top Public-Health Official Has Shady Ties to Coca-ColaShe partnered with Coke on an anti-obesity initiative that ignored soda entirely.
  43. food politics
    Steakhouses Complain Trump’s China Trade Deal Is Skyrocketing Beef PricesThanks to his trade deal, beef is now going to China instead of them.
  44. the chain gang
    Starbucks Vows to Hire Another 2,500 Refugees, This Time in EuropeThe coffee chain doesn’t care about planned boycotts in response.
  45. features
    The New FoodieismTo care about food now is to care about the future of this country.
  46. food politics
    Trump Administration Begins Dismantling Michelle Obama’s School-Lunch PoliciesUSDA Secretary Sonny Perdue believes her nutrition initiatives need a little “palatability.”
  47. food politics
    A New Study Says the Trans-Fat Ban Is Working to Reduce Heart AttacksAnother nail in the coffin for hydrogenated oils.
  48. food politics
    Investors Warn a ‘Liberal Agenda’ Is Killing Starbucks’s BusinessThey accuse the chain of “unwavering” support of liberal causes “to the detriment of its brand.”
  49. food politics
    President Trump’s Proposed Budget Would Slash Funding for Meals on WheelsThe organization delivers meals to the elderly, disabled, poor, veterans, and others unable to leave their homes.
  50. food politics
    Congressman Warns He’s Bringing Chef José Andrés as His Guest to Trump’s SpeechHe and the president’s legal arch-nemesis “intend to respect the decorum of the House of Representatives.”
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